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Results Contest 'Cats and dogs'

The  'Cats and dogs' contest had a huge success.  Candid shots or elaborated ones, they all show that both animals are playful, show expressions which are captivating and above all, are a "Man's Best Friend".  The results are so creative that one cannot resist smiling and loving them.

Enjoy the gallery of the 10 best images.

The winners with the most votes are: 
1st place:   Cansel Özgüç
2nd place:  Uschi Hermann
3rd place:  Sanghamitra Bhattacharya

Thanks to everybody who participated to the 'Cats and dogs' contest.


"Vintage"  is the currently theme running.
As time goes on, our definition of retro gradually evolves. The fast pace of technological progress and changing tastes makes aesthetics and objects seem old very quickly. Keep in mind that "vintage" or "retro" is but a feeling - that can be redefined by each photographer and with each edit, like fading the colours, adding some blur or simply using vintage objects.

The contest 'Vintage' will end at midnight on Sunday the 20st of January 2019.  The sooner you upload your images, the more chance you have to gather the most votes.
If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, you can do it here

1st place: Cansel Özgüç


2nd place: Uschi Hermann


3rd place:  
Sanghamitra Bhattacharya



by Thierry Dufour


by Lior Yaakobi


by Marianne Siff Kusk


by Jane Lyons


by Serge Mion


by Raceala Elena


by Katarzyna Gritzmann


Thank you all and congratulations to all the co-workers.
Congratulations to all the winners...
Wonderful works, great selection!!!Congratulations to all the winners:-)
Belles images, félicitations à toutes et tous :)
Magnificent images, congrats to all the winners !!!
Great photos!
Congratulations to all !!! Great works !
Thanks and congratulations to all involved.
What a great selection, congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions!
Congratulations to all. Especially Cansel for the wonderful shot. Fine selection of cats and dogs photos :)
Thank you very much :)
Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions. Thanks to all the participants !!! We hope to see many submissions in the contest 'Vintage' running now. Cheers, Yvette
congratulations to all the winners.Thank you very much.