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HAPPY 2019 !!!

Happy New Year! 
Thank you all for your presence on our site, for sharing your skills, for your support and kind words throughout, for your friendship. 
Cheers to rocking it in 2019.


by Cosimo Barletta


Best wishes from the 1x management and crew for all of you

We wish you wisdom to choose the right settings
We wish you the best light and weather conditions you're looking for
We wish you happiness in the eyes of your subjects
We wish you bravery to go to places that you have never been
We wish you patience to be able to see the beauty of nature around
We wish you a camera that is always ready on your side, with the right lens
We wish you guidance so you can get where you want and be safe
We wish you and yours a wonderful New Year filled with many beautiful photographs.

by Marek Grohol


 by Jeremy Hussard
by Roberto Marini

by Stewart Marsden


Happy & Healthy New Year to Yvette, all the photographers and the 1X team ! i enjoyed the 1x site a lot last year, in particular well suitable for improving my photographic skills, thanks a lot!
Happy New Year ! All the best !
Happy new year to all. Regards and all the best.
Happy new year everyone! A very exciting year ahead!
Happy New Year! my friends!
Happy new year to all my friends!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to all of you ( Yvette, 1X team and photographers)
Thanks alot Lydia. All the best for you and your beloved ones too ;-)
Happy New Year to the 1X Team ..........
Happy New Year to you all in 1X :)
Happy New Year to all on 1x - team and photographers!
Happy New Year to Yvette and the team... !
Thank you, dear Brigitte!
Happy new year to Yvette and your team, Best wishes to 1x from Beijing~ Zhou
Thanks, Zhou! Very best wishes from Sweden, Belgium and all countries over the world...
Happy New Year and best wishes !!!!
I wish you all a happy New Year, peaceful and sparkling like my eyes when I look at your beautiful images :-)
Happy New Year to you and your team Yvette ! Wish you tons of inspiration in 2019
Many thanks, Luc!!!
Happy new year to all. Creative, prosperous and healthy!
A short but excellent article, best wishes to all the members for 2019!!
Thanks, Jacob ;-)
Happy New Year too all photographers , and the 1X team! Dear Yvette, thank you so much for all the work you are doing ... best wishes and good light!
Glad with your appreciation, Jorgen! Let's go for a wonderful year ;-)
Szczęśliwego nowego 2019 roku.
Best wishes to all and Happy 2019 Auguri a tutti e Buon 2019
Happy New Year to all!!
Happy New Year to all the photographers and the 1X team !!!
Happy new year to all !! I wish everyone a better and peaceful year and that all your wishes come true. I would like to thank you dear Yvette for your excellent work you make over the whole year here on 1X! This is not self-evident !!
So glad with your appreciation, Stefan! Nope, it is not self-evident but I love all I do and I love the friends and members here. 1x has to sparkle and stay the best photo site ever ;-) Warm wishes to you and your beloved ones, dear friend!
Happy 2019 for you and the 1x team !
All the best!
Happy new year!!!!
For each person my best wishes and congratulations. Here are the best photographers and artists. Many thanks to the world in which we live and create.
Great inspiration, bright ideas and light in your hearts to everybody! Happy new year!
Best wishes and amazing light for 2019! :-)
Happy New Year, Yvette !! And thank you for the great work you are doing for all of us. All the best. Vladimir.
Thank you so much, dear Vlad! Best wishes to you too, my friend!
The pictures are wonderful Greetings to all here at 1x website And HBI Newer 2019
Happy 2019!
Beautiful way to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. Thank you very much, Yvette and the entire 1X team
Thank you, dear Mario! Best wishes from me to you and your family too, my friend!
Happy New Year to all of you.
With my best wishes for all, a happy Christmas and a happy New Year 2019 Jois
Big dreams and small wishes will meet Monday midnight. May they all find the right way to fulfillment in coming New Year. For the New Year I wish you, that some of your dreams come true, some new ones will come along and some old ones will be preserved! Cheers!!!!!
And the very best wishes to all of the people at 1x, I absolutely love this brilliant web site and fully appreciate everything you all do to make this site the best there is on the planet! And thank you to all my fellow photographers out there that inspire and amaze me every day, I am constantly in awe of the high standard of the work on 1X and the cooperation and passion that I have received when I have asked for advice from everyone who I have contacted! We all share one common thread and that is we all have an incredible passion for photography, and to realise our own full potential, and to assist where we can to help others do so too. Thank you all once again, and all the best!
Happy New Year to all on 1x. Looking forward to all the new content in the Magazine 2019 great work Yvette!!
Thank you so much, Colin! My team of Editors is working on it to make the magazine better and better ;-)
Happy New Year and all the Best for you
Happy New Year to all of you. Thanks for your support and friendship... Cheers, Yvette
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!