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Winners contest 'When the world rings in 2019'

Festivities from all over the world were submitted for the contest 'When the world rings in 2019'
Images from how the end of the year plays out over the globe as the clock strikes midnight.
TIME will be streaming the celebrations, which include party's, fireworks and more iconic events.

Enjoy the gallery of the 10 best images.

The winners with the most votes are: 
1st place:   Xavier Garci
2nd place:  David D
3rd place: Ryu Shin-woo

Thanks to everybody who participated to the contest 'When the world rings in 2019'.

"Cats and dogs"  is the currently theme running.
Cats and dogs don't usually get along, though some do. Dogs are wolf related animals. They are both a "Man's Best Friend," and playful. Although there are some differences between them, both are the perfect subject for many photographers around the world. Candid shots or elaborated ones, both animals can show expressions that captivate the eyes of the viewer right away. And yes, results will depend of the imagination of the photographer. What do you think about submitting and sharing with us your best cats and dogs from your point of view.

The contest 'Cats and dogs' end at midnight on Sunday the 6th of January 2019.  The sooner you upload your images, the more chance you have to gather the most votes.
If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, you can do it here

1st place: Xavier Garci


2nd place: David D


3rd place:  Ryu Shin-Woo



by Udo Dittmann


by Adolfo Urrutia


Laurent Lothare Dambreville


by pierre bacus


by Richard Bland


by MIchel Romaggi


This is much appreciated Yvette I thank you so very much to all who voted Kind Regards Richard
June L PRO
I am surprised to know that my photo got the second most votes. Many thanks to all for the support and encouragement. Happy, healthy, and Prosperous New Year to everyone!
Beautiful images! Congratulations to the winners!
Congrats to all
Enhorabuena, Xavier, preciosa foto. Congratulations to the winners and participants.
Gracias, Adolfo!
Congrats to all!
Dear all, to exclude all misunderstanding, the results of the contests are completely independent from each official kind of curation on 1x. People can enter images which are not even in their portfolio and the ranking is exclusively based on the votes from the participants. Nobody from the 1x crew is responsable for the selection. Unfortunately, we cannot replace the wrong submission from Bjorn Emanuelson by a better processed version. To avoid more reactions, the image on the second place will be removed this time. Cheers, Yvette
Congratulations to all participants
Wonderful photos; congratulations to all. Well done my friends...........
One more comment from my side. I am asking who is responsible for photo selection, but the No 2 is IMO in wrong place. It is very nice, however the moon insert is very obvious and the moon is slightly OOF (sorry Bjorn for this critique; take it just as my personal opinion).
Hi Miro! You are quite right about the moon! I made a mistake and submitted the first "sketch" which had a quick, sloppy editing. I´m sorry, and will re-upload the final version. Regards! / Bjorn
Hello Bjorn, this was only my fast observation. I was thinking that you might make some mistake here. As I said, the photo is otherwise very good. Wish you all the best. Kind regards.
Very nice images....!!! Congratulations to the winners......
Splendid images, congrats to all the winners !!!
The image of Bjorn Emanuelson just made my day! This one is like the winner of the Nikon contest with the airplane. :))
Congratulations to the winners and ... Merry Christmas to all of you Udo
in 2nd place..moon editing paste looks in my monitor :) maybe it can blend more smoothly..
Bjorn Emanuelson, is this moon on purpose like that or you forgot to put that layer on screen ?:)
Hi Moreno! I made a mistake and submitted a first, not quite finished version. I´m sorry, and will re-upload the final version. Regards! / Bjorn
Congratulations to the winners and participants to the contest 'When the world rings in 2019'. Merry Christmas to all of you. Cheers, Yvette