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Winners Contest 'Graffiti'

The contest 'GRAFFITI' was a big success.  This "hard to miss" piece of Art was well represented in the submissions. Graffiti photographs from all over the world show us how strong this art subculture is developing.  In many of the images, the human presence is involved. 
Enjoy this gallery of 10 best submissions.

The winners with the most votes are: 
1st place:    Adolfo Urrutia
2nd place:  Jose C. Lobato
3rd place:   Bojan Bencic


Thanks to everybody who participated to the contest 'Graffiti'.

We hope to see you a lot of submissions in the currently running theme: 'STARRY SKIES'
If you ever witnessed the Milky Way or a sky full of this amazing luminous spheres, don't hesitate to submit your very best.

The contest 'Starry Skies' will end on the 25th of November.
If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, you can do it here


2nd place: Jose C. Lobato


3rd place: Bojan Bencic



by Michael Jurek


by Vito Castrignanò


by Fernando Alves


by mike franks


by Peter Davidson


by Kaushik Dolui


by Uschi Hermann


All winners and ‘honorable mentions’ congratulations! Impressive work from all of you!
All winners and ‘honorable mentions’ congretulations! Impressive work from all of you.
I assumed a high level of photographs. But I didn’t expect it to be so high :-). It is with great pleasure that I congratulate all the participants and wish them further victories.
Congratulations to the winners, BEAUTIFUL images!
Congratulations to winners
Thanks a lot, Nihal.
Congratulations to Adolfo, Jose and all the participants. It is a great honor to be among you. And a great big Thank You to Yvette.
My pleasure, dear Bojan! Congrats once more, my friend!
Thanks a lot. My congratulations to you too, it is a joy to share with you the podium, Bojan.
Congratulations to all the participants of the theme.
Muito obrigado, Fernando.
Enhorabuena Adolfo, una imagen preciosa. Un premio muy meritorio. Y mi enhorabuena a todos los premiados. Saludos para todos.
Para mí es un placer y un honor enorme estar junto a ti en un podium, así que tus palabras me alegran un montón, Jose. Por supuesto, mi felicitación por tu preciosa foto.
Enhorabuena Adolfo y mis felicitaciones igualmente al resto de ganadores.
Muchas gracias, Marco, por tu felicitación.
Magnificent images, congrats to all the winners and congrats to Adolfo for his splendid composition !!!
Thanks a lot for your kind comment, Thierry.
Congratulations to winners . It was fun to participate.
Thank you very much, Olga.
Big congratulations to the 3 winners and honorable mentions. Thanks to all the participants for sharing. We hope to see many submissions to the currently running contest 'Starry Skies' which will end on the 25th of November. Cheers, Yvette
Many thanks dear friend. A greeting Yvette.
Your work is priceless. Thanks a lot, Yvette.
Mi mas sincera enhorabuena a los ganadores, especialmente a Adolfo Urrutia y a Jose C. Lobato por la cercanía y a los que sigo con admiracion. Un fuerte abrazo y muchas felicitaciones. My most sincere congratulations to the winners, especially Adolfo Urrutia and Jose C. Lobato for the closeness and to whom I continue with admiration. A big hug and many congratulations. Jois Jois
Muchas gracias por lo que me toca amigo mio. Un fuerte abrazo.
Te agradezco un montón tus palabras tan generosas. Un abrazo, Jois.