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Houses which are not ....

by Editor Siarhei Mikhaliuk


“Autumn leaf collector” by Ben Goossens

For each person and for every living being in the Universe his own home is important. Home is a place where we rest, a place where we meet with friends, a place where we can feel good and comfortable, a place where we are with our beloved ones and where our children are raised! Commonly home is being associated with a house as the physical structure that can take on many shapes, but can also be a tent, a cave or any sheltered place, depending on culture and circumstances.

Today, in the modern world, buildings come in many forms and for diverse purposes . Not all are ‘homes’ but can be buildings with a certain function, such as hospitals, schools, universities, temples and monasteries, offices and factories,or large shopping malls, just to name a few.

Today is the 21st century many people from all over the world travel and while we are far from our beloved home, we have now the opportunity to observe how other people live.
It is important and interesting for us to see their culture and their customs.

In search for beautiful places to show in images, we can also turn to imagination.  And today I want to show you how to create an imagination into some of the most beautiful images.
It is possible that the designer of each digitally rearranged photograph would like to live at a location as shown, or maybe this is just a fantasy, [as we see it in the imaginary worlds of film and online virtual reality].

A house, which as shown does not physically exist yet, and often never will. A house which exists in the creators and in the viewers  imagination. The existence of such a house is interesting to consider, it attracts attention with its unusual location, and composition of the surroundings, which are often magical.

When we look at such digital artwork, we travel with the author to unreal worlds. Our attention does not stop at that point, our attention travels to infinity.
In such photographs, it is clearly seen how the authors create the often impossible.  The viewer can see how images are born in the author’s imagination. Often their houses grow like trees or fly.
No one knows, maybe soon we will all live that way. After all, not so long ago an air plane existed also only in the imagination.

Imagination can create reality.
Enjoy this gallery of "Houses wich are not ..." by 1x photographers.


“Speak, Friend and Enter” by Sherry Akrami


'House in the Sky" by sulaiman almawash


N/T by Sherry Akrami


"Home alone III" by Caras Ionut


“Refuge à la mer” by Ben Goossens


"Safe house" by Ben Goossens


N/T by Schnette


N/T by Radoslav Penchev


"City of Arts and Sciences"  by Martin Zalba


"Hotel in Zaandam" by Theo Luycx


“Life Box" by Koji Tajima


"Niagara Falls" by Larry Deng


"snowbound " by Rolf Endermann


"Yellow and blue" by vladi garcia


"Embracing the blue sky" by Gerard Jonkman


“Antwerp shipping” by Ben Goossens


"Very 'Mobile HOME' by Ben Goossens


Thank you for to choose my work, congrats to all !!!
Thank you for choise my work, congrats to all
Beautiful selection, congratulations to all the creators of these magnificent images!
Thank you for including my houses!
Great pics ! Congrats to all of you !
Splendid photographs. Well done !!!!!
Houses that I will dream of living :) A real marvel, stunning images and creations !!!
Thank you dear Yvette for including one of my images.
Thank you so much for including one of my houses.
Nice collection of artworks !
Thank you very much for including one of my works!