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Print at least 12 photos each year, please!

by Editor  Vicente Dolz


“Tempus fugit” by Vito Guarino

A few days ago when I opened a closet, I found a box full of pictures. My parents’ and grandparents’ pictures. I spent a really good time looking at them … the absence of optical quality in some of them, the deterioration of paper or chemistry, the lack of clarity or other problems coming from the passage of time did not bother me. Pictures had acquired weight, a state, a memory… making them more authentic.

I thought about my nine-year-old daughter and wondered if she could once open a closet and found a box of pictures of her grandparents or her parents.

I do not think my grandfather took more than a thousand photos in his entire life. In that box there are a hundred photos. Nowadays people have files with thousands and thousands of photos but they do not have a box with a hundred photos.

This is only an example. If my grandfather would have had a digital camera the pictures’ box would not have existed. I still use his-mid format Zeiss camera, thanks to it, his descendants have a photographic legacy, basically family memories.

In a professional world, we should have a clear objective: TO PRINT pictures, at least 12 a year. In ten years we will have 120 pictures and in twenty years we will have 240 pictures. Sounds a lot!!!

We have to print, the end of a picture is to be printed. Paper gives life to a picture and the digital age is compatible with printing. Today is easier than a few years ago.

Every year I put in a box 12 photos. I choose them between all the pictures I have taken around the year, the best ones, and the ones I like the most. They are my personal choice. I print them on an A4, put them on a plastic folder and keep them in a box free of acid. For this job I use my Tiffs and my Jpegs, my computer, my double screen, the software and the hardware which are appropriated and print some pictures I keep for a later review.

I have a small stock of printed photos that as time goes pass is getting bigger. They are my best pictures. In the future, my daughter will be able to look at my photos, to touch them, to impregnate with them.

Please take all the pictures you want, share them in all the social networks, take them in your hands and enjoy all the great advantages from technology but please print one, and keep it.  You will enjoy the immediacy that digital age offers you and the calm and serenity that a patiently viewing gives you on a Sunday afternoon.

Good shooting and good luck!!!
Enjoy this small gallery of “old memories” images taken by 1x photographers.


“.” by Raphael Guarino


“50 years together” by robert semnic

N/T by Leyla Emektar

“77 YEARS LATER” by Dragan M. Babovic

“Living Memories” by Nada Dov Boretzki


“white age.memories” by nicoleta gabor

“memories” by aldo feroce




“Memories” by Marta Everest


“Memories” by Kim Scianghetti


“Memory of youth” by menovsky


“Memory” by Dawid Lozinski


“I miss you, mom” by jay satriani


“Memory of a childhood” by Monika Vanhercke


Pictures are there to be printed!
I agree.
Photos can trigger a lot of memories , emotions ...and many things we hang on, humans we are missing.. old loves…..,but I am curios wether our present photos will awake the same poetry in the future as the old noisy and yellowed photos from the past can touch us now..:) Many thanks for sharing this great article and the impressive photos.
I share your curiosity. We will know in the future. Thanks Jürgen!
Great idea! I tend to keep my 5* pic in a smart album but you are so right ...
Thanks wicherbos!
Amen ! I have heeded this sentiment and have made photo books on all my travels. They are coffee table books 12x 15 or 12x 18 "and people pick them up and go through my travel photos and people photos. I even have a book dedicated to my pets. And i print photos for all my family when I take their photos. I also make photo books as gifts for weddings and other special occasions. People cherish these gifts. Need such articles to remind as to leave our photographic legacy in tangible and tactile media. Thank you for such a timely article.
Excellent idea to make a book of each trip. Take note.
Excellent way to remember the testimonial importance of photography as a memory of life. Congratulations, Vicente!!
Hola Sol. Somos vecinos, Thank you very much for your comment. A greting
Ohhh just excellent. I love the story telling that lead to a strong powerful message. You are so right. And I'm really glad you wrote this article to recall us that need. We more or less all knew that print is the target and as well that digital files are much more ephemeral than quality print and stored photos. Yet like others, I realize I print less (only for a few contest) and I should. Thank you so much Vicente for this
I'm glad you like it, Marc
Great work !
Gracias Eddy!
Hey, Vicento. Great article. I agree so much. Printing is everything. It gives you time to appreciate the image unlike the split second with give a phone screen.
Thanks, David. I think that printing is the end of a process. a greeting
Excellent article, Vicento - and illustrated with some wonderful, heart-warming photographs! I will be printing my 12 this year for sure.
Thanks Steven. I'm sure you enjoy it.
I agree with you Vicenrto, digital photos may get lost fast, printed not. Excellent article fabulous photos. Many thanks for publishing it.
thanks to you , Miro
What a great selection of images!!
Thanks Roxana!
Welcome Vincente, Nothing beats holding photographs in your hand and watch them more observantly other than just a split second on screen.
Thanks Yvette!
brilliant first article vicente!! welcome and my best regards !!
Thank you very much !
Complimenti. Congratulations
Grazie Massimo!
Although viewing and sharing photographs on electronic devices facilitates life a lot, there is nothing that can beat selfmade prints. I am using my A3+ printer regularely, in the beginning more often now a bit less for portrait shots of my adult children who don't want to be displayed on instagram or my website ☺After 3 years of usage I am at about 200 - 300 prints in A4 and A3+ format.
It's a really good idea. I will follow it!
Thank you!
Excellent article. Congratulations. I have thousands of photographs, so many that I would find it very difficult to print them, on the other hand they are like children to whom one should treat equally, which means that printing one or the other is not complex when deciding.
I really liked this article. I too admire the old photographs of our family, but I do not print my photographs. Sin. You woke me up. (translated with Google Translate)
What a nice reaction and comment, dear Izabella! Thanks for your appreciation, dear friend.
Pleased to wake up. Thank you Izabella.
Congratulations with your first article as Editor, Vicente! Original topic, touching and sensitive and just perfect for the time of the year. Cheers, Yvette
Thank you very much Yvette. A greating