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Drifting away

by  Gus 

Last spring, I saw this lonely sailboat while walking around the port of Palma de Mallorca with my wife and daughter.  This beautiful sailboat seemed to drift away all on its own.  I could not resist photographing it.

“Alone ship”

My idea was to make a composite of several images, a multi-exposure, and blend them with layers in Photoshop.  For that purpose, I took several photos without using the function “multi-exposure” on my camara.  Those shots were taken with different focal lenghts and parameters to try them out while processing and hoping to reach the idea I had in mind.

From the 20 images I took, I selected these three to try it out.

First I applied the same settings to all three images in Camera Raw.
You can see here which settings were applied. 

Than I opened them in Photoshop, aligning the layers and applying different opacities to each of them. I also resized them to create the multi-exposure effect as you can see in the following screenshot.

But the result did not convince me completely.  I didn't want the hills in the background and was wondering how to eliminate them.

Most of the time, I use the Topaz Impresion suite.  It has some awesome creative filters.  I didn't want to use any filter with an “agressive” or “overdone” look not to change the appearance of the image.  So thinking about a “soft” filter called “pencil”. This filter gives the photo a slight pen sketch look.  Adjusting the values, the filter even made the background fading to really have the feeling of a ship drifting alone on the sea.

After applying the filter, I went back to Photoshop to adjust the values, brightness, contrast, and some saturation.  Nothing more had to be done to reach my goal.

As finishing touch, I applied a little vignetting to highlight the sailboat and the sea to center the attention of the viewer.

This final result satisfied me and resulted in a publication on 1x.

I truly hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.  Sometimes, an image can be processed in a relatively simple way to take the viewers with you to your “imaginary world” of that moment.  I'm pleased that I was able to polish this one with a bit of my creativity.

A good advice: always let your imagination flow to create a different image out of your own fantasy world and share it with others.

All the best,

Thank you sir Gus A very useful and inspiring article great work
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge Gus. I love your creativity, it's really inspiring so it's great to be able to learn about your post processing. Looking forward to your next image! My best regards!
Es un tutorial magnífico Gus. Ojalá algún día me atreva yo a experimentar y dar un pasito más. Sinceramente, muchas gracias y enhorabuena, pero no solo por tu buen hacer, sobre todo por ese don creativo tuyo impregnado de sensibilidad y armonía.
Fantastic creative image and thank you so much for sharing your workflow
Many thanks Gus, for sharing your workflow and creativity. very interesting with great effect.
Muchas gracias Gus por enseñarnos tu forma de trabajar!!
Thank you Gus. I appreciate your creative work very much. It is always inspiring.
Thank you, Gus for sharing your processing technique! Very inspiring.
Great result, nice done.
Muchas gracias. Muy interesante e instructivo.
thanks Gus for sharing , I'm inspired from your art , and I was curios about the process. you are a true artist and sometimes I spend few minutes just staring your art , you have unique gift to express various emotions through single frame. thanks for that :)
Thank you Gus for sharing your knowledge. That's what true masters do and clearly you are becoming one. Much appreciated.