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The Milky Way in all its beauty

by Editor  Graham Daly

Over past two years I have absolutely fallen in love with shooting the Milky Way. Nothing is better to me than standing under the clear night sky, looking up, seeing the Milky Way with my eye and then spending several hours photographing its beauty.


“Counting The Stars” by Graham Daly

When it comes to photographing the Milky Way, there are two main types or styles of imagery that you can produce and they are (1) Deep Space Astrophotography and (2) Wide Field Astrophotography. The former normally uses a telescope or at least a telephoto lens with a sufficient focal length in order to penetrate through the Earth’s atmosphere, which in turns allows for the photographing of particular objects within the vast reaches of space. The latter is normally captured using wide angle and extreme wide angle lenses in order to not only capture the Milky Way and the stars in the night sky within the frame but also allows for the inclusion of the Earth’s landscape within the frame as well.

In this article I want to focus on Wide Field Astrophotography and specifically those images that feature the Milky Way. Seeing other people's images often motivates me to go out and stay out under the night sky with my camera. I hope that this collection of Milky Way images from members of the 1x community also inspires and motivates you to do the same.

“Star Eruption” by Iván Macía


“At the edge of the world” by ChrisKaddas


“Desert milky way”by INIGO CIA


“Dreaming” by david ahern


“Church of the Good Shepherd” by Yan Zhang


“Lost in the stars” by Alfredo Costanzo


“The sky is my blanket” by John Fan


“Milky Way Above a Sea of Clouds” by Roberto Bertero


"Lavender in Brihuega” by Martin Zalba


“Cosmos” by Adhemar Duro 


“Above the clouds” by Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt 

“Galaxy Dolomites” by Ivan Pedretti 


“Milky way over lonely tree” by Iván Ferrero


“Galaxies Reflection” by Toby Harriman


“Patagonia Autumn Night” by Yan Zhang


“Look at the stars” by  YantingLiu 刘白


big mountains by Ivan Pedretti 


Lighthouse and Milky Way by Carlos F. Turienzo 


Celestial Illusion by Carlos F. Turienzo


Cathedral Night by Juan Pablo de Miguel


Arcos Naturales by Carlos F. Turienzo 


Dovecote by Glendor Diaz Suarez


Milky way over Las Barrancas 2016 by Jesús M. García


^^^ by David Martín Castán


"Starship by Mika Suutari


Milky Arch Juan Pablo de Miguel


by David Martín Castán


Milky Way Above Mt. Jefferson by Steve Schwindt


Million Stars by Naphat Chantaravisoot


From The Universe by Michael Zheng


Lonely Hut by Jingshu Zhu


“Under the Starbow” by Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt 


thank you!
Congratulations to all authors
Planetarium ♥ Enthuse over... Congratulations!
Brilliant images and great article!! Congratulations to all authors and graham!
Absolutely outstanding work from all concerned, thank you all soooooooo much!
Wonderful , congratulations to everyone !!!!
It is an honor to appear in this collection via lacteas. All of them, works of art. Congratulations to my colleagues!

As always, so grateful to Yvette and Graham for including me!

You're welcome, Martin ;-)
Congratulations to all authors from these wonderful Milky Way shots. Thanks to Graham for composing this outstanding gallery. Cheers, Yvette
It's a honor thank you very much for including me :)
Splendid. Congratulations to everyone.