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1X members awarded with Bronze

The 1x crew is happy to announce that 12 members were granted with the 
Bronze Award  for their activities on the site.


Carmine Chiriacò
Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp
Luc Vangindertael (laGrange)
Martin Zalba
Massimo Della Latta
Theo Luycx
Veselin Atanasov

Big congratulations to all of you and many thanks for your involvement in our community.

My congratulations to those twelve magnificent photographers. Works and photographs that support that honor. Greetings to all.
All of you, accept my sincere congratulations.
To all of you. Congratulations well deserved. :-)
Congratulations to all new bronze medal members. Your works are excellent and this award is well deserved. Best wishes to you all and my very best compliments. Greetings.
Congratulations to all! :)
Congratulations to all! Well deserved!
A big Congratulations to all !!!
Thanks so much!! Congrats to all
Congratulations well deserved.
Congratulations to all 12 honored members, well deserved and keep going!
Congrats !!!
Thank you for this wonderful distinction. Congratulations to all great photographers. Big thanks to the Team and to Yvette.
Congratulations to all of you !!!
Congratulations ... all are well deserved!
Congrats to all of you!
Congrats to all !
This is a nice surprise. Thank you so much - and congrats to the other new bronze members as well :):):)
Dear Anna, I just got a mail from Luc Vangindertael that the link to your account didn't work. Sorry for that! It is fixed now. Many congratulations, cheers Yvette
Congratulations to all of them, they deserve it, they deserve it from every aspects.
A deserving honor for these 12 members. My congratulations to all of them.
verdon PRO
great achievement , congratulations to all
I don't know about this Bronze Award. Even so, of course this is very important and prestigious for the continuity and improvement of quality 1x. I congratulate the winners for the award given 1x, for all of you.
Congrats to all!
Congratulations to all! :-)
Thanks to all the crew members for this bronze award and especially to Ralf Stelander and Yvette Depaepe.

Congratulations to the rest of our colleagues for this distinction

Congratulations to all winers. Well deserved. :) :)
Congratulations to these new bronze member. This is well deserved. I recognize familiar face and name here very active all over the site providing support and kind comments
Thank you very much for all the crewmembers, you make me feel so proud and I'm very honoured to be awarded, this is a precious gift and appreciation. Congrats for the others talended photographers. Warm regards, Delph
Thanks staff and congratulations to everyone.
Absolutely fantastic!!! Congratulations to everyone for your enthusiastic efforts and passion to help maintain such a high standard for 1x and to support and encourage all the incredibly talented Photographers around the world.
I feel much honoured to be awarded and congratulations to the 11 others. Big thanks to the Team and to Yvette. Best regards Wolfgang
Thanks, Hans-Wolfgang! So proud when I can annouce something like this ;-)
Congratulations to the new Bronze Award members! Cheers, Yvette
Congratulations to all! btw, the link to Svetlena does not work properly.
Thanks for the appreciation and Yvette for the presentation.
You're welcome, Theo ;-)
This is a big surprise. Thank for all the crewmembers for this bronze award. 1x com keeps a source for much inspiration to me! Ofcourse congrats to all the other new Bronze members. warm regards, Greetje
Thank you so much! This is a great surprise for me! I wish the team and the site all the best!