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Polar Lights, Heavenly lights

by Editor  Siarhei Mikhaliuk

“Eye of Stokksnes” by Wojciech Kruczynski

Our planet continues to keep mysteries in itself. Infinitely beautiful phenomena occur on our planet. Where the formless and the form come into interaction, where the darkness and light meet each other, we can record the image we see. Each phenomenon has its own cause and effect, and this applies to every person and the universe. Volcanoes and earthquakes, floods and snow storms, solar and lunar eclipses, ordinary rain and falling meteorites are all phenomena of energy processes behind which harmony stands. All life activity in the universe and all the more on earth is subject to the laws of nature. Nature,t known and unknown, surrounds us everywhere. All the organs of our senses allow us to catch the slightest changes and transformations both on Earth and in the whole Universe.

And somewhere in the depths of our souls, each of us knows how to act and how to live.
In my childhood, I asked myself: "How is it possible that the Earth is constantly rotating for millions of years?", "What power is able to do this?"

One of the most important energy centers on our planet are the earth's poles. Two large magnets holding in balance the motion and events of the planet. And it is not accidental that the poles of the Earth are covered with ice.
Everything consists of energies or sometimes called energy fields. All visible phenomena and also those not visible to the eye, are interactions of energy.
Handshake, love, laughter, aggression and friendship are types of energies.

Polar glow originates in the upper layers of the atmosphere which possesses a magnetosphere. that interactions with charged particles of the solar wind.
Northern and southern lights are a common occurrence for people living in their places of origin, and unusual for others.

“Gangway Borealis” by Javier de la Torre

The polar lights are especially popular with photographers. The vast majority of landscape photographers, going on a trip to the Arctic Circle, dream of seeing and photographing the northern and southern lights. And it does not matter whether someone shot it before us or not. We want to do it ourselves !


“[]” by David Martín Castán

I served in the armed forces and was stationed beyond the Arctic Circle. Even then, in the terrible frosty nights, I admired this spectacle. Even then I understood why the aurora called heavenly dance. Aurora Borealis showed me the world I read about in fairy tales. It is difficult to describe the state when you enjoy the radiance. There are no words. The harmony of the lines and the overflowing color are forever engraved in my brain and heart.

No, to be more precise, the head is turned off at all, and something inside of you is watching and touching this heavenly phenomenon. Being on patrol at night, I could watch such a dance of light for hours at -30C arctic temperatures, while  I was a soldier .At that time I was not a photographer. I was an observer. The sky above me did shine  with emerald light, and I could not even imagine that once I wanted to photograph it.

And today I'm shooting the radiance, but I want to throw out my camera, because it is not able to convey what I saw. It cannot embrace the scale, cannot convey feelings overwhelming my soul !

The heavenly light is within us.
I freeze in amazement. I do not know, maybe it's because I am myself a wonderful dancer, or simply because the power of energies is released into space, and I have the opportunity to feel it with every part of the body.

I do not know why I should live if I do not travel. I do not know why I should live if I do not know myself. Yes, I am the father of three children, but at the moment of contemplation it does not matter, nothing matters at all. At such moments, you realize the infinity of the universe. Not the time and space of the universe, but just the feel of it.

All the guys from our photo tour in Norway and Iceland rushed to shoot this marvelous heavenly light. In combination with the constellations, this is more like a fairy tale, than reality. I was not in a hurry to get a camera, I wanted to enjoy what I've seen, to experience again and again the unique phenomenon of nature.

Yes, our planet is beautiful, but watching the heavenly Aurora, made me understand how many more amazing things there are in the universe. One just needs to think less, and open ones heart to how you feel at the moment.

I want to reach out and touch this light. After all, it is not somewhere on the outside, but is within us!

“Anywhere I Roam” by Carlos F. Turienzo


“Magical Night” by Bragi Ingibergsson – BRIN


“Double Flow” by Marsel van Oosten


“Iceland” by Martin Zalba


“Magical Night” by Roy Samuelsen


“Northern Lights reflection” by Andrea Auf dem Brinke


“There is life in the old farm” by Miguel Moreno


“Twilight” by Raymond Hoffman


“Fjord Night” by Karsten Wrobel


“northern spirits” by Burger Jochen


“Waterfall of Gods” by Jan Šmíd Master QEP


“Green night” by Jorge Ruiz Dueso


“NORTHERN LIGHTS” by Ignacio Palacios


“Lofoten lights” by Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt


“Icelandic Aurora” by Adrian Popan


“My name is Aurora” by Martin Zalba


“Aurora in B&W” by Kolbein Svensson


like a dream.
So wonderful and touching... Many compliments to all authors and thank you, dear Yvette, for this beautiful selection.
As I wrote Margit: loved the text from Siarhei ... Always hard to make a selection in the gorgeous pictures of talented 1x photographers, Martina! I wish I got the opportunity to see and capture Northern Lights ;-) Have a great weeked ahead, dear friend!!!
Beautiful dear Yvette! Very good choice. Thank you:)
The text is by Editor Siarhei, just helped for the selection! Thanks a lot, dear Margit!!! Have a great weekend, my friend!
amazing work. congrats, to all authors
Siarhei, you have selected and presented fabulous photographs here. Many thanks to you and congratulations to all authors. And many thanks to Yvette for excellent editing (as always).
Thank you, Miro ;-)
Thank you for your cooperation Yvette
My pleasure, Siarhei ;-)