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Ahmed Thabet: Reflection Photography

by  Editor Carla DLM

Reflection photography, also referred to as mirror photography, is when you use reflective surfaces to create an artistic scene. Using reflection in photography can lead to some amazing effects and beautiful images. Using shiny surfaces, water, windows, or any kind of reflective surface can change any image into a work of art. Of course creativity plays an important role using reflections. The final result depends only on the photographer being able to see things with his own artistic view, rather than seeing only one part of a larger whole.

Ahmed Thabet, an Egyptian doctor based in Kuwait, specializes in black and white architectural photography. Besides his architectural captures, he has also worked in landscapes and wild photography. Ahmed didn't study photography professionally; however his splendid works radiate his passion for it. In  the following images, Ahmed captures different angles of his subjects using reflection. Take a look, he really masters it.


“Oriental night” 












“Comrades at cleaning time” L flamingos



“Serenity 4”


Fascinating series of artistic images, so well presented ...Congratulations Ahmed !!
Thank you Rana, I appreciate your work a lot, really be
Most beautiful B&W photographs. Congratulations Ahmed. And thank you very much Yvette & Carla for editing and publishing it. Great work indeed.
A pleasure to publish such a talent, Miro! Thanks for your appreciation...
Thanks a lot, Miro, really I am very honored with all these classy comments from the very talented artist, it is like a breath of fresh air to me and a gentle push to go forward, many thanks again
Nice photos. Thank you
Thanks dear Siarhei
A wonderfully beautiful work and a beautiful gallery. Ahmed! ! He is a great artist , I respect him very much.
Thanks my dear friend Teruhiko, of course you know, to me you are one of the best in the world in mood photography
much interesting article and honoured the excellent work of Ahmed. Thank you both, Carla and Ahmed. Best regards Wolfgang
Thanks a lot Mr. Wolfgang, your comment really honoured me
Great work Ahmed! Love your style!
Thanks Louis
First of all amazing photos. “Arches” are my favorite. It's the high key bw style im a fan of.
Thanks a lot Kaare I love it too
Awesome Photos and Article
Thanks, my dear Nader
Congrats Ahmed for your work, yours photos are marvellous, thank to Carla for this splendid article !!!
Thanks a lot my dear friend Thierry
Wonderful to see Ahmed's images featured here, and especially nice to see the visual synergy between buildings, landscapes, and flamingoes (through their reflections, of course)!
Thanks a lot dear Greg, really honored
Congratulations to Ahmed for this magnificent report and to Carla for her publication. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks a lot, dear Martin, your words as equal to reward to me
Splendide. Complimenti
Many thanks massimo
Fine article, outstanding reflection photography!!! Congrats, Ahmed... and thanks, Carla!!! Cheers, Yvette
Thanks, A lot dear Yvette, and thanks to Carla, really I got surprised I open the 1x as usual, I looked at the front page, it looked to be familiarly, as I saw it before, my God it is my image, Thanks again
Well deserved to be in the spotlights, Ahmed ;-) Have a great weekend ahead!