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No time No Destiny: Crossing North Europe

by  Jovelino

And if an elf appears?
As a Portuguese living in the Algarve, 20° is almost cold (south of the country, with the best weather in the world).  Each day in Scotland, for instance, the maximum temperature is colder than the minimum in my place (yes, believe it).
Thus I headed to the north of Europe asking myself: 
“Living on the road how are you going to resist the cold and survive the winter?”

Aurora Borealis over Senja Island


Crossing north Europe: the first 6 months of my journey

I arrived to the middle/north of Norway in the beginning of August, heading now to
Nordkapp, the extreme north of Europe.

After a life with full-frame Nikon, two years ago I sold all my DSLR equipment and changed to mirror-less: volume and weight are now a half than before. A step I never regretted, a huge improvement for travelling with cameras when my back is not twenty any more.

Perched on rocks in the middle of the river I couldn’t move my feet much or I could finish having an unexpected bath. Two hours later I suddenly noticed that I was completely icy! No: frozen! I understood that it was time to open the clothes bag I used when from time to time I went to the Pyrenees skiing. But perhaps they will not be sufficient to keep me warm during the nights waiting for the Northern Lights.

"There is no bad weather but bad equipment”!  Problem is that I try to avoid huge expenses for clothes that I probably won’t use again later.  They are out of my budget.
My van is already over crowded with so many things. How to get more space?
That moment, my thoughts went to my beloved southern countries where people undress, do not even dress”.

Next morning it felt good being in bed. My body underneath the quilt was comfortably warm but my nose was freezing. I had a look at the thermometer: 6º in bed and 2º outside….. I peeked through the window: fog.  Wow! Time to get out, big chance for good images.  It was 6h30 and only 15 minutes left for the first sun rays veiled by the fog, adding mystery to the forest.  But it fades fast and when I arrived at the river, the canopies of the trees were lighting up and greeting me with a show of yellows oranges and golden reds. There was music, it’s the water running in between the rocks.  The trail was like a carpet of autumn coloured leaves sneaking between the thick moss cover, red berries and  mushrooms of all shapes.  If I had turned the corner and suddenly was facing a gnome,  it would have been the most natural thing happening this place 😊

A few images from autumn in Senja island



Here follow some images crossing the Arctic Polar Circle and heading to the Northern Islands: Lofoten, Vesteralen and Senja.

Crossing the Artic Circle

Heading to the NW islands: Lofoten, Vesteralen and Senja

In the Arctic: amazing views and water everywhere...





About Jovelino MatosAlmeida
In the beginning of this millennium (middle aged and tired of decades of being a technocrat, far away from the creative process of mind) I took photography as a serious hobby. After crossing a lot of the world as a (full-time) civil engineer and (part-time) teaching geometry, skydiving, engineering (Lisbon University) and dams; now, retired, I’m photographing, writing and teaching photography.
I travelled in more than 50 countries, from big cities to places totally out of the touristic routes like twice from Portugal to Guiné-Bissau crossing the western desert of Sahara the first time with dangerous frontiers and a civil war.

In 2003 I got a Gold Medal PSA (Photographic Society of America), followed by distinctions, awards and accepted images in Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Canada, Chorea, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Iraq, India, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Qatar, Serbia, Slovenia, Suede, Spain, Taiwan and USA.
Invited since 2008 as a member of the International Jury of Photographic Art Saloon of Algarve (Racal).
Received distinctions from FIAP - International Federation of Photographic Art  the ‘Artist' (Afiap, 2010) and the 'Excellence in Photographic Art’ (Efiap, 2012).

Collective and single exhibitions, and public talks on photographic themes.

to all of you, for your kind words, thank you so much, jovelino
Beautiful colorful nature, fabulous photos. Congratulation Jovelino.
I fully join Paulo, Jovelino! Fine article... Thanks for taking us with you on your fantastic journeys. Cheers, Yvette
HI, Jovelino Wish you the best on this amazing trip you are doing and i really want to tell you that you have my personal admiration. Keep on going on the road. Cheers, Paulo