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Marianne Siff Kusk: Photographer of the Week

by Editor  Yvette Depaepe 

Marianne Siff's dark and moody monochrome work express her melancholic personality.  Her images are of a great emotional intensity.  They convey feelings such as loneliness and darkness without being gloomy.  They are inspiring, affecting and moving, they are ”poems to cherish”.

Let's glimpse into Marianne's world and learn more about her.

”West Coast Love”   

I was born and grew up in Copenhagen in Denmark.
My family has always had an interest in photography. As a child, I got a small Agfa Camera, it was mostly used for photography of my family and friends.
In 2007 my sweet mother bought me a DSLR Camera. It was the beginning of my interest in photography as an art form.

One of my own favourite images is "Flying Fox" from 2010. It's one of my early works. It was a big challenge and I spent a very long time to achieve a satisfying result. My sweet, patient and understanding husband was waiting, as he always does ;-)

           ”Flying Fox”                            

A Danish B & W photographer named Kirsten Klein, has been a great inspiration for me. Her works are amazing. 1x is also a great source of inspiration, here are many talented photographers and many interesting articles to read.

For several years, I was guitarist and singer in a band.
Also in music I find inspiration for my images.

The Danish West Coast - is for me - a favourite place to photograph. The light is absolutely wonderful and suitable for B & W images and I find it very meditative to be there.

”West Coast Reflections”


”West Coast Silence”


”Hang Gliders”

Today I´m using a Fujifilm X-Pro2 Camera with these lenses: 14mm, 35mm, 18-55mm (which I use a lot) and a 40-150mm. Sometimes I use a Lensbaby Pro with different lenses.

Silver Efex Pro 2 is my favourite editing software for converting my images to B & W, but I'm also use other features in Nik Collection. Another excellent software is Snapseed. I like to add texture and grain to my images.

I do not have a standard way to edit photos. All images are in an individual process.
Not everything is predetermined. It's always exciting to see which way my image leads me.

”Cold West Coast”


”Solitude West Coast Walk”


”Lonely days by the West Coast”  

Monochrome photography is my favourite form of expression. There are many talented colour photographers, but the monochrome works best for me.

I'm a melancholic person and it clearly has influenced my work.
What attracts my attention as a photographer is often the solitary person, creepy locations and of course the light and the darkness.

”Shadow Follows”


”Deep Down”         


”Ghost Tower”




”Soul of Night”


              ”Over Time”                     

Regularly I exhibit my works, also at censored exhibitions. It's always motivating to get positive feedback. Sometimes I'm selling images in connection with my exhibitions.
It's a wonderful feeling, that people find my works attractive.

                                                                                         "Black Winter"


  "Loving Swans”   
A big warm thanks to everyone for all the lovely comments. Marianne Siff Kusk
Beautiful article, thanks for the good journalist Yvette Dapaepe and of course some beautiful, special photographs by Marianne Siff. Thanks again.
Nice to hear about your work. Like you, I am also very fond of the west coast of Jutland. I love your style and the overall theme. Easy to know your work. Photo greetings Leif :-)
Excellent work Marianne. I love your West-Coast mood. Thanks for this fine interview. Also nice to know you are/where in music, I happen to be a former singer-guitar player in a blues band ... seems like music is a trigger for visual arts :-)
great photos!
good job
love it excellent moody work. thank you for sharing Marianne!
Wonderful creative photo work, Marianne ... Love it!!
Every day I became deeply convinced that, the pleasure of art in photography is limitless and endless, today I was amazed by the work of Marianne Stiff, thanks 1X for digging hard to show us how much deep the rabbit hole of photography
Thank you so much for your appreciation and great comment, Ahmed! The pleasure of art in photography is indeed limitless and endless. Marianne's work is a real proof of this statement. Cheers, Yvette
Congrats, Marianne. Love your work, your images are an inspiration, so beautiful and moody! Best regards.
Congratulations, Marianne! A pleasure to interview you and learn more about you. Love your work: your images really are poems to cherish. Cheers, Yvette
Thank you very much Yvette! I'm grateful for your commitment and interest for my work and it's a great pleasure for me, to be published here on Kind Regards, Marianne Siff