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Facades that Open your Eyes

Facades that Open your Eyes

by Editor Susanne Stoop


Façades make the city, the avenue, the street, the canal, the square. They can be beautiful, ugly, impressive, simple. They can have charisma - friendly, threatening, challenging, stately, colourful, boring, uniform, multiform, funny, and so on. In short, a range of photographic subjects that are eagerly used.

"Complex" by Inge Schuster

There is an abundance of photos to be found at 1X, that show a diversity of façades. To make a choice wasn't easy; there is so much beauty to be seen! I show my choice in a wild whirl. No thematic choice this time! Lots of fun!


"Open your eyes" by Zhou Chengzhou


"Kehrwiederfleet abends" by Alexander Schönberg


"The wings" by Theo Luycx


"Hotel windows" by Henk van Maastricht


"Facadeclimbing" by Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp


"Life of Big City" by Ben Tam


"Happy Windows II" by José Antoine Costa


"68 windows and 1 soul" by Luc Vangindertael (laGrange)


"Shell" by Stefan Björn Buder


"Waiting to Rain" by PEDRO


"Windows-reflection and shadow" by Harry Verschelden


"A way of life" by Susanne Stoop


"Sunny Green" by jan niezen


"Binary code" by Alessandro Gallo


"De Bijenkorf" by Greetje van Son


"Concrete City" by Yuval Shiboli


"Confusion V" by Vito Castrignanò


"Chacun à sa Façon (each in his own ...) by Anne Rose Pretorius


"Living in the City" by Piet Flour


"Composition in white, black and blue" by Michiel Hageman


"Mosque" by javad rooein


"Crossing shapes" by Jef Van den Houte


"La Ruche" by jegeor


"We All Live In A Yellow Submarine" by Wayne Pearson


"Endless walk 1" by Hilde Ghesquiere


"Red" by ajkabajka


"Room in your Heart" by Rafi Soerjadi


"The Matrix" by Rodrigo Marin


"Lombard... the champion" By Gilbert Claes


"Crystal Palace" by Linda Wride


"Shadows on the wall" by Markus Studtmann


"Windows on the City" by Mathilde Guillemot


"Living in Boxes" by Kent Mathiesen
A nice collection Susanne and thank you that there was also one of my images. Theo
I am glad that my work can be published in this article, especially happy! It's a great honor. All the works are beautiful. Thanks a lot
Beautiful collection Susanne. Thanks for including one of my images. One of my abstrcact favourites
Wonderful varied selection of facades. Honoured to have an image included. Thank you Susanne :)
You’re welcome!
Amazing collection for the pleasure of our eyes and inspiration. Thank you so much Susan
Thank you very much for your work, let me see a different picture
You did a hell of a job Susanne ... making a choice between the hundreds of facades ... one of the favourite subjects in architecture photography. Thanks for this fine selection :-)
Wonderful series and wonderful image, thank very much to all the photographers and thank to Susanne for this work !!!
thanks for selecting one of my Pictures and congratulations to all others who have selected Pictures in this much interesting article. Thank you so much Susanne
Sorry Susanne, I should have thanked you for selecting my image, I obviously didn't read the intro properly, so, THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH! Cheers, Wayne Pearson
Congratulations to all the other excellent photographers selected in this feature, and thank you very much to the curators who selected my image to be included " We All Live In A Yellow Submarine", it is a great thrill! Cheers, Wayne Pearson
The frist photo called "The complex" is certainly computer generated. You can see that the tree is fake and the facade of the building is three times copied... I don't think that this is a photo, more a digital creation...
Could be Imanol, that this image is computer generated. The basics however are photography. Moreover, composites have been made since the beginnings of photography, when there were no computers. There was just the darkroom, where the images were created.
Fantastic work!
Thank you, Heike!
Thanks Massimo!