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The 1x Decade exhibition in Shanghai is now open

The 1x Decade exhibition in Shanghai is now open! It’s taking place at the observation deck in Shanghai World Financial Center, the second tallest skyscraper overlooking the city, a really magnificent venue. It features 68 of our best works from our past 10 years in the service of art.

Mr. Shen Feng and his team at Forever Visual Image have put a huge amount of hard work and dedication into this project, working all night for a long time to make this possible. The images are absolutely stunning in print and with the professional lighting it almost looks like the they have come alive.

The exhibition is open until March 18.

UPDATE: Click here to watch TV news about the exhibtion.

UPDATE: Click here to see all the photos in the exhibtion.







More TV and news coverage:

wowww...... very nice one photo exhibition 1x, very festive ..... "Congratulations"
Sublime, congrats.
Thank you very-very much! It is a great honour for me to be a part of this wonderful project!
Thank you so much and I am honored to be part of this exhibition! Have a great rest of the week and take care :-)
Big congrats for all the photographers and 1X team! ;-)
Congratulations to all photographers which are participating to this exhibition. I wish the best to all.
I am proud to be with one of my work be a part of this Exhibition. Thanks a lot to Ralf and the Team. Kind regards Wolfgang
complimenti. bella iniziativa. sarebbe bello una mostra ogni anno...o biennale.
Wonderful to see also one of my images, thank you for that and congrats to all the other members ... Superb!!
Amazing show, congratulations to 1x team and to all the photographers!!
Congratulations to the organizing team and all the selected
Excellent show, congratulations....
Nice show
Gilbert Claes Congratulations to the whole team of 1X for this beautiful exhibition and to all photographers. It is a real pleasure to be part of this exclusive event. It is a great honor for all members of 1X ... and for the hard work to achieve this result ...
Congratulations to the 1x team and to all the photographers. All the best.
I am very glad that my photo will be included, 1 x Decade Exhibition in Sanghai. Congrats Ralf and all 1X team for hard work, Congratulation to all .
Congratulations to all the photographers included in the 1x Decade Exhibition, and also to all the members that are part of this community. Excellent pictures, excellent works. Greetings to you all.
Welcome to China!!!! : )
I am pleased and very glad that my photo will be included in the 1 x Decade Exhibition in Sanghai.    Congrats Ralf and all 1X team for hard work. In the 10 years, the 1st term of the selected good photography has become over the world For every author, every published photo in the gallery brings again great pleasure.
Congratulation to all the staff of 1x and of course to all of amazing photographer. All the best.
what a huge surprise that our Apollo photos was printed with 7m long for this exhibition!!! we had no idea thta will be so large!!!! congrats to all!!
Hello 1x team, very good job and thanks a lot! I'm honored to be part of the exhibition. Congratulation to the other artists!
Hi friends! Glad, very glad that my photo will be included, 1 x Decade Exhibition. Here's a video from Chinese TV channel , where you can see many of the works. All participants congratulations! Thanks to the whole team 1x!
As a curtesy to photographers whose work is on display, it would be nice to mention them. After all, without photographers no celebration.
What photographers participate in this exhibition? It would be good to know in order to congratulate them.
Congrats!!!!! The exhibition looks great on the photo you preste here!!! we feel so honored to be part of it, thanks to every one!!! All the best
Well done to the 1x team for this wonderful achievement and many congratulations to all those whose work is exhibited!
Congratulation to all the staff of 1x and of course to all of amazing photographer!! Good work :)))
Congrats to 1x!Great job and keep it up. I´m proud to be part of the exhibition.Many thanks!
Amazing exhibition! Congratulation :)
Beautiful show
I thank all the creators of 1X that I may be part of this exhibition! I would like to congratulate all others who are present at this exhibition! For the next decade !!
Congratulations! 10 years of outstanding photography presented at the most challanging platform on the internet. Congratulations also to all photographers and the entire team behind the scenes. Great job and I‘m proud to be part of it. The outstanding approach is my motivation to get better every day...
Congrats for this exhibition and the 68 chosen photographers. I'm agree with Thierry and Erik, for the list of the name of the exposed photographers. Enjoy this exhibition.
Congrats Ralf and all 1X team for hard work !!! Wish you all the best in future!! Cheers!
Congrats 1X for your hard work !!
Ralf: congrats to 1X for the 10 years of hard work in building this amazing community of photographers. All members should be proud. I am proud. I Wish that the next decade will be even better.
It would be nice to know which photographers are exposed !!!
Is there a list of participating works?