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Winners monthly theme: Happy Holidays

The Monthly theme contest "Happy Holidays”  ended succesfully.
The most wonderful time of the year was well expressed in the entries: snowy winter scapes, Christmas trees, carols and lights, mistletoe and holly – nothing was missing.

2018 is a fact and what can be a better start than publishing the results...

The winners with the most votes were:
1st place: Ellen van Deelen
2nd place: Jose C. Lobato
3rd place: Thierry Dufour


Thanks to everybody who submitted photos to the contest "Happy Holidays”

Don't miss the new themes which will be announced very soon.
We hope to see many of you here


2nd place: Jose C. Lobato 


3rd place: Thierry Dufour 



by Piet Haaksma 


by  Antonio Perrone


by  Ertekin Totic


by david ahern


by  Marina


by Louis-Philippe Provost


by  Elke Rau

many thanks
Outstanding photos. I with to congratulate the winners and also to all mentioned participants. Excellent photo work indeed.