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Winners Monthly Theme 'Classic NYC'

The Monthly theme "Classic NYC" ended.  The unique spirit of the most populous city in the United States was well expressed in the wonderful images submitted.  

The winners with the most votes were:
1st place: Michael Jurek
2nd place: J-A Chazal
3rd place: Louis-Philippe Provost 


Thanks to everybody who have submitted photos to the contest "Classic NYC".
See you in the currently running themes...

- 'National Parks': National Parks like Yosemite, Yellowstone or Grand canyon ... / ends 2017-12-03
- 'Happy Holidays': Your most cheerful holiday images... / ends 2017-12-31

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1st place: by Michael Jurek

2nd place: J-A Chazal

3rd place:
Louis-Philippe Provost



Leif Londal


Henry Zhao


 Orna Naor


Raymond Salani III


Benny Pettersson


Udo Dittmann


Kurt Hansen

More upcoming themes will be announced soon!

Splendid images especially for me who do not have the chance to know NY :( Congratulations to all participants and congratulations to the winners :) Thank you also to Yvette !!!
My pleasure, Thierry ;-)))
Congratulations to all winners and thanks for Yvette. Have a nice weekend (remember: Santa is coming soon)
Thank you, Udo! Enjoy Santa ;-) Cheers, Yvette
Congratulations to all winners and thanks for participation, dear friends! Cheers, Yvette