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Kisses: They make you feel good and special

by Carla DLM 


by Ben Goossens

A kiss is the touch or pressing of one's lips against another person or an object.” according to Wikipedia

Kisses make you feel good and special. They can put a smile on your face in a sad moment or can make you touch the sky when you are happy. It is an indescribable sensation, difficult to capture in words, but certainly unique when finally feeling it.

Kisses have several meanings: love, passion, romance, friendship, respect and many more.  Everything depends on whom you are kissing. A kiss is just like a bundle of magic. This ephemeral magic may stay in your mouth for an instant, but lives in your heart forever.

I love the innocence in children’s kisses and to be kissed by the special people in my life. Kisses vary in shape and form, just like art has multiple interpretations depending on the spectator. But in the end all kisses are just magic, art and passion … at least for me.

Here is a small collection I found in the 1X archives. All of them brought back happy memories from my past. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


by Edith Hoffman


by Jochen Bongaerts


by Antonio Grambone


by Olga Mest


by Abandon DK



by Jure Kravanja

by Jure Kravanja



by Becze Gabor


by Vlad Eftenie


by PanteleeV Aleksey


by Dieter Matthes


by Frank Smedts

by Maurice de Vries



by Pavol Stranak



by Steffi Atze



by Dmytro Sobokar



by Tatyana Tomsickova




by Alexandre Marques



by Uri Kolker


Très belle collection de photos sur "le baiser", bravo aux auteurs et merci à Carla et Yvette
Wonderful article and a really great selection. I'm honoured that one of my photos is selected. Thanks :-)
Best Carla and Yvette A little kiss of love ... friendship ..... or consolation ... get a kiss ..... give a Kiss, these are lovely and/or special moments. Carla, you have here a very beautiful collection Kiss-photos brought together. All very different. ... and all they tell that one time. Thanks that there may be between picture of me!! Gr. Frank xxx
Thank you very much Carla and Yvette for the lovely article and collection and being included with a picture! Kisses from me! (-:
Thanks for the cyber kiss and congrats for the one in the picture, Dieter! I'm Sure Carla will appreciate it too ;-)
Magnificent series with images of all full of tenderness beauty. Thank you so much Carla and Yvette !!!
Bisou pour te remercier, Thierry! Carla knows how to touch people ;-) and the photographers selected here too!!! Love this gallery...
Wonderful ...!!!
Thank you for beautiful kisses ;).
Lovely article and photos Carla ! Hugs xx
wonderfull colecction :))
Big congrats Carla for this fine article with the lovely images:-) Best, ben
And of course also for the lovely Yvette!
xoxo :))
My contribution is minimal, Ben... but so pleased that you like it!!! cyber kiss for you :-)
Beautiful, made my day! :)
Glad to hear that, Adrian ;-) Carla did such a lovely job here by selecting those wonderful kiss shots.
Thanks to both ! xx
Lovely article, dear Carla! Gorgeous gallery of kisses ;-) Thanks for sharing and congratulations to all the selected photographers. Cheers + kiss, Yvette ;-)
Thanks to you my dear! A big kiss !