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A window is a window

by Susanne Stoop 

Is a window just a window - a frame with or without glass - or is it much more than that? For me a window is not only a multi functional part of an architectural structure,  a car or a train. It is something that has to be cleaned if it doesn't want to loose its transparency, which gives the window that special possibility of looking into the public space and giving someone in that space the chance to peer into a private one - if the window isn't hiding behind curtains, shutters or sunshades.

But a window is also a metaphor, giving it a life of its own. The window becomes a mirror, a reflection, a pattern, a portrait, a symbol of human feelings, a story.

Here is a list of the various phenomena of a window - but please keep in mind that it is far from complete.

Architectural structure windows


"Repetitive patterns" by Luc Vangindertael (laGrange)


"Curves" by Willem

Glassless windows


"Insight" by Paulo Abrantes


"Children of Kathmandu (1) mono version" by Yvette Depaepe

Broken windows


"Help" by Carlo Ferrara


"Broken Dreams" by Barbara

Hiding windows


"green world" by Carlos Pardo


"Shadows" by Stefan Krebs

Train windows


"Last station" by Jure Kravanja


"Time and space" by Marchevca Bogdan

Patterned window


" Pattern of windows II" by Weber Norbert


" Wall insulation." by Greetje van Son

Colourful windows


"Colors" by Jan Rauwerdink


" Windows and colors." by Jaap Koer

Distorted windows


"Windows" by Remon


"Little boxes" by Anne Worner

Reflecting windows


"sky frames" by Linda Wride


" Reflections of luxury" by Luc Vangindertael (laGrange)

A light filtering window


"cand cerne soare (when she sifts sun)" by Vlad Dumitrescu


"Hope" by Carmit Rozenzvig


"Hope" by Fahmi Bhs

Window cleaning


"At the top" by Izidor Gasperlin


"Airy workplace" by Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp

A metaphoric window


"Lilly" by Philippe Debooser


" .:: After Rain I Am Still Crying ::." by Hari Sulistiawan

The idea of a dream window


by Lucynda Lu


"She and her dream" by Sebastian Kisworo

A story telling window


"The shadow man" by Jef van den Houte


"Can you hear me?" by Matej Peljhan

Cats windows


"Take me off!" by Rui Palha


"Kitten window" by Susanne Stoop

A looking out window


" In his old laboratory" by Antonio Grambone


"A room with a view" by Hunter

Inside looking out window


by Leyla Emektar La_


"winter is coming" by Mario Pucic

"Peeping Tom" window


"big brother is helping you watching" by Nico Ouburg


"In The Box" by Ricky Siegers


by moses stell

Edward Hopper mood windows


"a room with a view" by ambra


"Fame" by Khalid Rakman


Thank you for including my work!
Complimenti a tutti. Splendida selezione Congratulations to everyone. Great selection
Grazie Massino for the complement!
Excellent article Susanne - so many fascinating aspects to one subject! Delighted to have an image included. Thanks Susanne and Yvette!
Thank you, Linda, for the compliment! It was a pleasure to include your photo.