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Dalibor Davidovic: Photographer of the week

by Yvette Depaepe 

Dalibor Davidovic is a self-taught photographer. To him “Art is a vision.”  He started working with traditional photography. Over the years, he dove into the digital world.  He developed his very own artistic style combining his passion for photography, paintings and music.
Discover more about the man behind his artworks.



I was born in Serbia (ex Yugoslavia) in 1979.  One year ago I moved to the USA where I'm living and working now.
I'm very interested in poster art, punk art, music, progressive art and abstract art.
One of my favourites is music.   Music is everything to me.  I'm always listening to music while working and some of my best works are made while listening to some of my favourite songs.  Songs can inspire me so much, they create stories for pictures in my mind and can provide me with lots of visions.



I started to take photos with my first small camera in 2005.  It was a Nikon coolpix camera.  I always took it with me when walking and took all kind of photos. Photos of moments, of people, street images and very old abandoned places.  That was how my love for photography began.  The real story with photography started with my late friend Goran Popovic (  He was an amazing Serbian photographer.  Unfortunately he died and I'm still very sad because about that.  I always say Goran inspired me to develop my great interest in photography.  When I first saw his works a long time ago, it all began.  I'm very grateful to my late friend Goran. I learned so much from him and I will always miss him.

This is one of my favourite photos

As said previously, I started with classic photography.  Later on, I evolved into digital Art Photography.  I had to learn a lot and today I'm still learning something new every day.  The more I work, the more I have to increase my skills.

Lately, I started with portrait photography.  There is no specific reason for that and I don't really know why.  It always all depends on my vision, my imagination. Sometimes my portraits are a combination of more faces according to the visions popping up in my mind.



My visions and imagination usualy come late evening or during the night.  That's my favourite time to work.  It may also happen in the day but rather rarely. My visions come while listening to music.  Often, when I start to work, I don't even really know what will happen and how I will process my images.  I leave it totally to my inspiration of the moment. The story and the mood are very important to me and my images. The technical aspects are also very important. I use a Nikon D3000.



My favourite photographers? - hard question ;-): Francesca Woodman , Irving Penn, Robert Mapplethorpe, Sarah Moon , Sally Man , Man Ray , Henri Cartier -Bresson , Frantisek Drtikol, Immogen Cuningham and many more. My favourite artists are Picasso, Egon Schiele, Andy Warhol , Otto Dix, Francis Bacon.  Francesca Woodman, Francis Bacon, Otto Dix and Robert Mapplethorpe. They have influenced my work the most.

To proccess my images I'm using my HP desktop and three simple photo editors .... It may sound funny but I never ever use photoshop. 
Currently I'm working a lot on canvas painting on my photos.  Therefore, I use  acyrilic colors ...





Portraits and faces are very important to me.  But like I said already, I love to use more than one face in my photographs, combining 2, 4, 5 or 6 faces.  It all depends from what I want to achieve and what results I like to have at the end of the processing.

I think 1x is amazing.  I started posting my works four years ago, in 2013.  I remember that in the beginning, I was thinking: “Oh my god, all the members here are amazing professional photographers.  This is not place for me”.  But than later on, my photos were published in the 1x gallery.  I started to work harder and I learned a lot, improving my photographic skills and always being inspired.  I just want to mention my favourite 1x photographer since the very beginning - Vito Guarino (member vguarino59).  His work is so impressive and outstanding. 
1x is an amazing place for profesional artist photographers as well as for beginners because there is so much splendid work to see here and so much to learn, to get inspired. 






Impressive creations ... Superb!!
Thank you so much !!!!
I like the work and the article very much. Thank you very much for your own commitment,
Thank you so much !!!!
Congratulations Dalibor ! A fine article and a beautiful selection of your art. Thank you very much Dalibor and Yvette!
Thank you so much !!!! You are very welcome
Wonderful artistic work and a great article! I am very stimulated. Thank you very much Dalibor and Yvette!
Thank you ,,, Thank you so much Yvette too....
čestitam Dalibore! ponosna sam! cmok!
Puno hvala Zeljka , ljubim ponooooooooooo
Congratulations dear Dalibor ! A fine article and a beautiful selection of your art. Wish you succes in the US !
Thank you so much Luc ... so kind
Great article ! Thanks a lot Dalibor and Yvette !
Thanks Eddy! All honour goes to Dalibor ;-)
Thank you Eddy m and a lot of thanks to Yvette
Painterly Art, intense mood. Fine work, Dalibor. Thanks for your fine collaboration and congratulations, my friend. Cheers, Yvette
Thank you so much dear Yvette !!! :)
Thank you so much