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The tremendous beauty of Vestrahorn

by Editor Swapnil.

Of all the beaches in the world I have been to, I have always found them to be hustling and bustling with people all over having a merry time and enjoying the beautiful sunrise and sunsets around them. Beaches always have that amazing aura around them that defines that awesome mood around them and makes everyone happy.

And then there is Stokksness beach …


“Stokksness I ICELAND” by benoît malaussena

Stokksness beach doesn’t have anything that a typical beach around the globe has, but it has everything that the usual beaches don’t have. The mood of isolation, the eerie feel, the voice of soliloquy and a beautiful hill just touching its beautiful black sands the Vestrahorn!

The southern part of Iceland has some of the most picturesque locations on the planet ,some of the most amazing beaches like Vik, Reynisjafra, Jokulsarlon to name a few. The Stokksness beach on the eastern part of south Iceland stands right up there.

One of the first settlements in Iceland was found in this area. Vestrahorn is a 454 meter high mountain overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and part of the headland of Stokksnes. The shore features stunning lava dunes that are constantly being shaped by the natural forces of water and wind.

The black sand dunes, the shrubs and grasses on the beach and the beautiful Vestrahorn make it one of the best locations for photography and also for locations for movies. The ease of driving up there makes it all the more famous around the south Iceland circuit. The beach is just a 4-5 km drive from the ring road 1 near Hofn. The end of the road drives you to Viking café where the owner of the land charges 800 kronur for one person to drive up ahead to the beach where the panorama of the Vestrahorn and the Stokksness beach awaits. To the left lies the photography spot and to the right there is a NATO radar station, access to which is banned for tourists.

The beautiful black sand dunes with grass and shrubs are used as a beautiful foreground by all photographers with majestic Vestrahorn as a backdrop. The interesting beach patterns due to waves of Atlantic and the reflection of Vestrahorn is also a great recipe for a wonderful photo. And in winters, snow covers the Vestrahorn and the shimmering auroras around it with its reflections waits for the lucky landscapers among us. All in all this is a perfect location to be when in Iceland in all the seasons around the year.

Here is a beautiful series of Vestrahorn and Stokksness beach by our amazing 1x photographers…..


“Vestrahorn, a perspective” by Swapnil.


“Vestrahorn” by Jeff Moreau


“Atlantic coast” by Julien Oncete


“All is full of love” by Mirko Vesernic


“A Dream Come True” by Mattia Dattaro

“THE PHOTOGRAPHER” by Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt


“Enchanted Stokksnes” by Javier de la Torre

“Monochrome Majesty” by Rebecca Ramaley


“This is green” by Jorge Ruiz Dueso


“Stokkness morning” by Ivan Pedretti


“Vestrahorn” by Jane Luo


by David Martín Castán


“Stokksnes” by David Martín Castán


“Vestrahorn” by Ronny Olsson


Must visit Iceland again. I did not to go to Vestrahoen this time. Great images and write up Swapnil.