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Rock Is Not Dead - Black Hole Sun

by Editor Paulo Abrantes 

“Rock Soul” by Toru Matsunaga

Maybe this last couple of years weren't the best times for music. Pop-rock music  superstar legends passed away: David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Maurice White, Prince, George Martin, Leon Russell, Leonard Cohen and most recently Chris Cornell, among several others.


“Die Mannequin” by Bryon Zammit


“Untitled” by Hippolyte


“Three singers” by Ola Berglund


“Leonard Cohen” by Eddy Verloes

Running in a parallel time line to all those tragic and sad events we are living nowadays in some kind of revivalism era of 80´s and 90´s rock & roll bands.


“Andy and a Fan” by Kalle Björklid


“The Poodles” by Johan Jenefeldt


“Klee – live” by michaela nastulla

We hear on the radio and read in the media about regrouping, reunion shows and so on. Plus, it´s summer time, with music festivals all over the place.


“Apocalyptica” by Krzysztof Bober


“DeWolff” by Marcel Hakvoort


“In the flash?” by Mikolaj Kuchowicz

Time to enjoy music, to have fun and maybe to go a little extreme and live on the edge for a few days, even if that edge is not so edgy anymore and a little more for the diagonal side than for the vertical side: no sleep till Monday, like the song, remember? And maybe it is also time to take some beautiful shots along with that live show ride.


“Lost Soul” by Wojtek Dobrogojski


“The Rock” by Marco Bottigelli


“Bedtime Lullabies” by Paulo Abrantes


“Whop” by ajie alrasyid

Among all this rock & roll revivalism we have to ask: has rock grown old?

Let´s face it: somehow, it seems all those rock icons have grown old and so is their audience with them.


“rain man” by samir pajic


“Hard rockin'” by Nemanja Jovanovic


“Rock and Roll” by Petri Damstén

Any rock bands from the 80´s or 90´s, playing live this summer just next to your door? You don´t go to the show? It´s OK. because the guy lost his voice; because the guy is no longer fast with his fingers to do that particular guitar lines and hooks you like; because the guy is almost sleeping at the drums and bedtime for him seems to be happening at 7pm; because maybe the guy can not handle so much excitement and may die live on stage with a heart failure; because you still have a lot of respect for him and his music and don’t want to be a witness of a sad event; because what you want to remember is just that other amazing live gig of the same band, 20 years ago.


“Arch Enemy” by Stefan Nielsen


“metaldays I” by damijan s.

We all know the funny classic argumentation line-up for not going.


“whole lotta love” by Karl-Axel Lindbergh


“Burning soul!” by Inna Blar

But just watch the crowd walking there. You may think: “Time goes by, time flies”!
So, who cares and who wants to think about that stuff?
Why spoil the party? Don´t go for the prize, go for the fun and for the ride.


“feel” by Svetoslav Valchev

Is Rock still relevant?
Dylan got the Nobel Prize, Springsteen wrote his memoirs, the comebacks are being advertised like they were some kind of cosmic events for human salvation, and major summer festival charts look like a memorial service with all those band reunions for the final last hurrah or a luxury keepsake.


“Betraying the Martyrs” by Jesse Kämäräinen

Like someone already pointed: nowadays there is no figurehead band you could point to and when people talk about rock music, they have a vision in their head of four or five guys in a band, smoking cigarettes, living on the edge, always being on the road and going wild for a life style daily bases, with leather jackets and tattoos, a band that comes nowhere with enough driving force to take over the culture. Maybe that´s unquestionably over.

If a band like that comes out today, there would be no infrastructure to support it and it would be doomed just before it was born.


“Nita Strauss – Alice Cooper band” by Jan Moller Hansen

And if it is so, maybe nowadays it´s just about listening to great music, dressing that beautiful jacket and that one particular t-shirt and having fun for a couple of days.


“End of the World” by CYAN stella

Is Rock´n´Roll old music now?
Like any music that lasts, maybe it´s just for anyone who cares to listen or, like they say, it´s only rock´n´roll but I like it.


“Betraying the Martyrs II” byJesse Kämäräinen


“Here's looking at you kid” by Anders Samuelsson


“OnStagePhotography” by Kenji Nakamatsu


“the screaming singer” by Lus Joosten


“Copenhagen rocks” by Jan Moller Hansen


“Kids Insane” by Stijn


“Close to the stage” by Gerard Jonkman

It's been a while since I've been on the site I didn't see this before. Great stuff :) And I'm happy and proud to see my "Arch Enemy" picture featured here among so many great music shots :)
Thank for the feature Yvette!
Parabéns Paulo Grande escolha dos intervenientes. Abraço
muito obrigado, Olavo. grande abraço
wow !!! love it
many thanks, Ajie
What Yvette said! Great collection of images...a visual main course that suggests an aural dessert! Would love know the identity for some of the performers that I don't recognize.
glad you liked, Greg. many thanks
Beautiful insane selection Paulo ... great to see them in a row! Marvellous job :-))
many thanks, Luc
Fantastic selection! Love those shots! :)
many thanks, Carlos
Fantastic article Paulo and great work Yvette !! I had no idea this work was appreciated here on 1x .... Last month i received an award for best Photographer of the Haarlemse Popscene on Tour in the Netherlands. I think i will start posting some images as well ';-D, Grtz, Nick
yes, you should, Nick. many thanks
It feels good to be part of this rocking selection. Thanks.
glad you liked, Lus
Nice selection ! Thanks Paulo Abrantes and Yvette !
Thanks Eddy, and congrats to you for being part of this gorgeous selection ;-)
many thanks, Eddy
Your article rocks, Paulo! Great dynamic stuff ;-) Fine job you did. Congratulations to all the authors selected in this gallery. Cheers, Yvette
many thanks, Yvette