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1x Photo Awards 2013

For the third year we are arranging our exclusive photo competition 1x Photo Awards. There will be 24 awards in total in 10 different categories. The grand prize is 2500 USD and the winner will be featured on the front page of 1x. All the winners will receive one year of Pro membership and a free copy of our new yearbook "Passion". The judge for this year is Calle Rosenquist, editor in chief at Kamera & Bild, one of Sweden's major photo magazines.

We will start accepting entries September 1 and it's a good idea to submit as early as possible to gather a lot of votes for the People's Choice Awards. Winners will be announced December 15. Best of luck!

Its unfortunate that getting more votes has to do with how soon you upload an image rather than how good it is. An above average picture will likely get more votes than a great picture entered midway through a competition. Consider different periods for submission and voting as well as images getting listed randomly when someone checks the page for voting.
The voting page in Awards is randomized. About the weekly theme competition we will introduce a new voting system with separate submission and voting periods later this year.
How do you submit a photograph?
September 1 the competition will open for submission, you can submit any photo uploaded to your profile.