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Black and White Architectural Photography

by Carla DLM 


by Gediminas Karbauskis


We live in a world that is rich in color. However, black and white images have a distinctive timelessness and magic. There are remarkable examples of black and white pictures in every photography category. Ansel Adams, Sebastiao Salgado,  Peter Lindbergh, Irving Penn, Albert Watson, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alfred Stieglitz, Michael Kenna, Dorothea Lange - just a few names in the long list of master b/w photographers - are proof of this.

Architectural photography offers innumerable sources of inspiration. With the help of modern technology, it is now possible to create stunning and dramatic images of architecture at any time of the day and in diverse lighting conditions.


by Sajin Sasidharan


1x member Ahmed Thabet , an Egyptian doctor based in Kuwait, specializes in black and white architectural photography.  Ahmed didn't study photography professionally; however his splendid works radiate his passion for it. Ahmed started experimenting with photography as a hobby.

“l bought my first DSLR and I decided enough is enough ... since then photography became my passion and medicine became my source of income. I love architecture and urban exploration. I also love shapes and lines. As an Egyptian, I have passion for the pharaonic ancient civilization, which is basically a civilization of engineers. I believe this is where I get the love for architectural photography”, says Ahmed.

Ahmed likes to work in series using architecture very much like fashion photographers use models. For his latest series, called “Kuwait Trading Center”, he was inspired by old Arabian medieval swords, which are curved and have very wide blades. “For the composition of these series I took advantage of the distortion of an ultra wide lens. Then, using different tools in Photoshop l got the result I wanted”, he tells.

I particularly like how Ahmed captures different angles of a single subject and carefully puts them together in a series. Here are four photos of his series “Kuwait Trading Center”:


by Ahmed Thabet


by Ahmed Thabet

by Ahmed Thabet


by Ahmed Thabet


“In black and white architectural photography, we are inspired every day by mesmerizing works of brilliant photographers”, mentions Ahmed. “If I have to mention names, I will mention without doubts the Dutch international photographer Joel Tjintjelaar, and the Greek international photographer Julia Anna Gospodarou”. We are proud that both of them are also members of our 1X community. Here are some of their wonderful works:


by Joel Tjintjelaar


by Julia Anna Gospodarou


The key to successful black and white photography is learning to see the world in monochrome. Photographers need to work around the fact that not all subjects are directly suitable for black and white. This is an art that is hard to master. However, doing it correctly and with passion, the result can be a delight to our eyes.

Here is a small selection from the 1X archives that fit perfectly in this category. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:


by Wolfgang Mothes

by Jeroen van de Wiel



by Arnd Gottschalk



by Erminio Vanzan



by Gerhard Fuhs



by Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp



by Henk van Maastricht



by Ute Scherhag



by Greetje van Son



by Carla DLM



by Matthias Hefner



by Andre Struik



by Stefan Krebs



by Gilbert Claes



by Oscar Lopez



by Vangelis Makris ( Mc Ris )



by Dermot Russell



by Andreas Paehge




A very interesting article whit use of great pictures. I'm honored to see one of my pictures with the other great pics. Thanks for sharing Carla. Whis you a very bright and cheerfull 2018!
What a great honor to being part of this selection beside all other fantastic artists and many thanks for this article Carla and Yvette!
Hi Carla . moreover to be an superb artist with your photo and composition, you are also a great writer and witness of the beauty of the photographie ! Super article !
Many thanks!! I am honored to be part of these magnificent architectural images and compliments to the authors !!
Thanks to you Erminio! :))
Wonderful article and great BW architecture photography. It is a honor having my work in this article among these artists and fantastic images. Thank you Carla!
Thanks to you Andre! :))
Great selection.
Thanks so much Lus :)
Amazing images! Love this kind of work!
Yes, so inspiring! Beautifully done :)
Insightful article and truely amazing pictures. Congratulations to you all. Your works are inspiring me and I'm constantly learning from all of you.
I agree with you, a big thanks Yuval ! :)
Interesting and captivating article and photo series! Congratulations, Carla!!
All the photographers included, made my job very easy! Thanks so much Marius.. :)
Stunning images, great work, congrats !!!
A big thanks Thierry.. :)
Thank you very much for your pictures, congratulations
Many thanks Shogun ! :)
much interesting article and a fantastic selections of BW architecture photography. It´s a great honour for me to find one of my work here in this article. I like the fascinationg interview and the thoughts of Ahmed as well as his exciting work. Congratulations to all for being selected and a big thanks to Carla and Yvette! Best regards Wolfgang
Thanks Hans-Wolfgang! This is a gorgeous article by Carla. She is such a great Editor ;-) Cheers and have a fine long weekend, my friend.
Many thanks Mr Wolfgang , what ever you say about any photographer , it is really honor ... thanks again
A big thanks to you Hans-Wolfgang. So well deserved!! :))
I am very happy to see one of my BW images here on this stage... between the excellent work of my friends here at 1x... It's an honor to stay in this list. I thank dear friend Carla for doing this job... and also dear Yvette for her overwhelming work here at 1x. Best regards... GIl
Thanks, Gil! Love what I'm doing here on 1x, especially with such a great team of Editors. Carla did it again with this gorgeous article ;-) Cheers, Yvette
Thanks a lot Mr Gilbert
I have to thank you! All your beautiful works make my job very easy! Thanks again dear friend. :)
Awesome article and gorgeous collection of majestic pictures!!! For me, ... having my picture among all these fantastic images is a great honor. Thank you so much Carla. Gediminas, Sajin, Ahmed, Joel, Julia Anna, Wolfgang, Jeroen, Arnold, Erminio, Gerhard, Hans-Wolfgang, Henk, Ute, Greetje, Carla, Matthias, Andre, Stefan, Gil, Oscar, Dermot, Andreas ( i hope not miss someone ) , congrats for your fantastic work.
Thanks dear Vangelis
So nice of you Vangelis! A big thanks to you! Was a real pleasure to include your beautiful work. Wish you a lovely week :)
It's an honor to be mentioned among so amazing B&W artists. Thank you Carla! Congratulations specially to Ahmed. Your work deserves this kind of acknowledgement.
Thanks a lot dear Oscar likewise
Thanks to you Oscar! More than deserved! :)
Wonderful article, it is an honour for me to have one of my images included. Thank you!
Thanks to you Arnd, the pleasure was mine :)
Really i was very honored to be interviewed by Carla, she is a great artist and that is by itself makes this interview very special to me ... if anybody got one single published image on 1x, he will be happy for a whole day ... i think i will be happy for a very long time ... the collection of the pictures is more than great Carla , you got almost all my friends ... thanks dear Carla and many thanks for 1X
Hi Ahmed, I'm very glad Carla gave you the well deserved recognition for your work in this article. I hope that many members who don't know yet your fantastic work will discover it now. My very best compliments, dear friend!
Thanks a lot Yvette, am really honored ... and thanks to dear Carla as well for her huge effort
Ahmed, a bigs to you for letting me share part of your beautiful work. I will see more of you in the future for sure. Keep working hard. So well deserved! Have a lovely week :))
A great article with bbeautifull photography. Each one is fabulous. I'm proud to see one of my pictures among this picture. Thank you Carla for sharing this with us!. Warm regards, Greetje
Thanks dear Greetje
Thanks so much to you dear Greetje. The pleasure was absolutely mine. So many beautiful works !!
Wonderful article and gallery of the very best BW architecture photos, Carla! Thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations to all the excellent photographers mentioned in this gorgeous publication. Cheers, Yvette
Thank you so much Yvette.
Thanks so much dear Yvette! Was a pleasure to do this article. One of my favs for sure :))