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Margareth Perfoncio: Painting Still Life Art with her camera

by Yvette Depaepe 

Margareth Perfoncio became a fervent addict of Still Life Photography  when she came across paintings of Dead Natures.  She is still inspired by the old Dutch Masters and tries to give that painterly touch also to her work.  Her style is diversified, always in search for new ideas.
She claims for more recognition of Still Life photography in Brazil.
Read about this great still life artist/photographer and discover more about her charming personality. 


"The light of wisdom"


Can you briefly introduce yourself, Margareth?  
My name is Maria Margareth Perfoncio I'm 52 years old, I'm a photographer and I live in São Paulo - Brazil

How did you start in photography and what are your life experiences who influenced you the most?
I started photographing as a hobby 15 years ago, I bought an HP Photosmart M527 Digital Camera, photographed friends, family and on outdoor walks, then edited in Photoshop. I received a lot of encouragement from friends and family who liked the results.
A few years later when I bought a Canon SX 40 that was when it all started! My passion for photography increased and I became more and more interested ... I photographed everything, birds, flowers, people, but I was still not satisfied with the results and wanted to explore more.
I researched photographers and read everything about them and their specialties and over time I became a fan of several, Sebastião Salgado, Cláudio Edinger, Dorothea Lange, Ansel Adams, Lindsay Adler and many others.
In 2010 I bought my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D5100 and I started studying photography on my own! I currently have a Nikon D7100 and various equipment and lenses. The light has always been and will be the subject of my studies and experiences.


"White Dreams"


“Simplicity of life...”


Who are the artist photographers or painters that have inspired you the most and how has your appreciation for their work affected your approach to your own photography?
Once studying the light I came across a page on Google about Paintings of Dead Natures and I simply fell in love and the same day I began to make my own experiences, I had many difficulties initially with the composition and the light, but from that moment I knew that I had found what I wanted for the photograph! I looked for Still Life photographers and painters. Researching the art of Pieter Claesz a Dutch painter of the so-called Golden Century of the Netherlands, I was enchanted by the compositions and the light in his paintings.
Going back to the studies I looked for current photographers of Still Life. I found several, but some really caught my attention among them the photographer Татьяна Скороход (member ukrainekiev). I was impressed by the beauty of their work and I consider it an inspiring source.

What led you to still life photography and why are you so attracted by this style?
What made me love the Still Life style was "LIGHT" and "SHADOW" It's like painting with my camera, creating endless compositions using objects, flowers, fruits, textures, colors, in short, being able to use creativity in every way.


“Old wall”


“Morning light”

May I ask you about the process of setting up your shoots?
Yes of course! Most of the time I use natural light. In my studio I have lots of natural light and use the proximity of a window to create my composition! I use fabrics of various colors to create the background and then when I photograph, I am changing the objects of the places, so that I can later choose which image was more harmonious. I edit in Photoshop CC afterwards, putting textures in the background and finishing using Lightroom to set my presets.


“Tropical colors"


"Secret October”

Your still life images are diversified.  How do you keep having fresh ideas?
I keep my mind always active and open to many styles within Still Life! I like to observe the works of the old Dutch painters where I look for inspiration and try to give that painterly touch to my works.




How much post-processing is involved in your images?
It depends, some of my images go through few processes, just some color and light adjustments. Other images undergo several processes with textures and presets in Lightroom.

What is more important to you, the story behind your images or the technical perfection?
A difficult question LOL .... Well, I think both are important! For every picture must tell a story and the technique applied must be good so that both make the image attractive.


“The light in the barn”

"Secret October"

What camera, lenses or studio equipment do you use?
I use a Nikon D7100 and lenses: 50mm f / 1.8G - 40mm macro f / 2.8G - 16-85mm f / 3.5
2 softbox
1 reflector
Natural light

What is your overall vision and approach to Fine Art and more specifically to Still Life Photography?
My view on the Fine Arts is certainly with an admiring look!
In my country there are various forms of art, but I feel that in photography especially dead nature is still less widespread, different from what I see in other countries where artists and photographers are recognized and I see a growth in interest in Still Life that leaves me very happy!

Is there any specific photo taken by a still life photographer that has inspired you a lot and why?
Yes! Photographer Andrey Morozov , his images are true works of art and not just photographs. A wealth of light, shade, colors and textures, which enchant me.


If you had to pick one piece from your gallery, which one would it be and why?
I would choose "The light illuminated and colored ..." I think this image shows what I have learned in recent years, training my look, understanding a little more about light, shadow and composition. I consider myself self-taught, but still in the infinite process of learning!


"The light illuminated and colored..."


Do you have any advice for anyone who would like to start still life photography?
I think to start with this style "Still Life", it takes a lot of study of light and shadow! Train, train and train ... LOL ... always! And mostly create your own style.

What would you say about projects or goals you wish to achieve in the future?
I have some projects for the future. One of them is exposing all my works!
I just set up my studio and started some work with family photography: Pregnant, Newborn, Children and Young People and I want to dedicate myself totally to photography!

Is there anything else you wish to add and what do you think about 1X as a home base for your work?
1X in my opinion is one of the best photography sites! 1X gave me the incentive and courage to continue! When my first photograph was published I was very happy because it was the realization of a dream and being among so many other wonderful photographers is an honor! Thank you to all the curators and the entire staff of the site.








It's really beautiful, it's great art. Mille Bravo
Caravaggio Style. Splendid photo. Compliments
Thanks a lot Massimo Della Latta
Margareth your work is astonishing. Im great fan of your art. Congrats.
Thank you so much dear friend
Great !!!
Thanks a lot Luiz ^_^
Thanks for your fine collaboration, Margareth! Great interview!!! I cross my fingers that it will help a little to promote the Fine Art Still Life Photography in your country ;-) Have a great weekend ahead and enjoy the publication of your interview. Cheers, Yvette
Thank you so much dear Yvette ^_^ It's an honor for me.