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Martin Zalba: personal reflection on Photography

by Yvette Depaepe

For Martin Zalba, photography is the supplement of his other passion: music composition.
You can read more about this tremendous artist in his interview.


"Lonely (Infrared)"

Today, I like to present you the wonderful video about Night Photography he made for the 
"Enlighten Congress 2016".  Photographs and music by the master himself!


Photography and music by Martin Zalba


Martin Zalba's personal reflection on Photography
I am an amateur photographer who evolves in the way we see the world and how to reflect it personally. Photography helps me to put my personal evolution, aesthetic sense, capture the emotions and feelings that I try to convey through an image that captures specific moments of my life.

Photography is the supplement of my other passion: music composition. I've always written my music by associating pictures, listening colors, lights and shadows and my picture happens the same way: try to express through it the silence that speaks in the atmosphere of the night, and my melodies want to evoke memories trapped in a beautiful sunset, evoke the impressionistic vagueness of imaginary worlds infrared, discover the intimacy of a cadence that looks at the macro and architectural photography because music is a building of sounds and both arts are very present in my creative search.

I want to highlight a very important place for photography as part of my artistic life as in music (my profession and passion). I think it's necessary to make periodic breaks because you have to renew, study other artists and expand and refresh the mind. Otherwise we do same thing in different ways.
There comes a time when it no longer moves more. At least that's what happens to me and why I periodically alternate photography and composition. I am now disappeared in the composition after a year of intense activity. After 20 consecutive years of musical creation, I saw the need to be almost 8 years without composing and break came in handy because then I continued with renewed ideas and above all, more mature (at least I think so).
I consider photography in the same way: as an art in which the creator has its creative processes of maturation and rest.
So I quit temporarily when I see that my creativity stagnates. I am not satisfied with being a mere amateur photographer, I look for something else.

About the esthetic concept
The concept of beauty, of the original, the simple and the complex have crossed borders unimaginable, everything is subjective and relative, many artists create for themselves, regardless of whether or not they will be accepted by the public; the concept of language as a mean of expression has diversified and expanded so that surprises may be found almost everyday.
Today coexist both the cult of the essential and simple and the most vast and complex, anything goes, even those things which have inexplicable reasons for finding something new and all this has its pros and cons.

I think we should be broad-minded to not be left behind because the world runs very fast and creative force as well as the search for new horizons, pushes forward all kinds of human expressions. It is important to keep abreast of new trends and at the same time you must filter them with your criteria and tastes to make it interesting.

In these aspects I am increasingly self-critical, and I will not take anything. I usually discard a lot of material when I see it on the computer. Self-criticism and demands come from the hand of a search for quality and beauty, not to settle for something that is good enough when you can be even better. I think that's the difference between good and bad photographers.

I think every person should seek their average staff of expression. Perhaps this is the most elusive goal: to be recognized one by his work. That means that your creations have its own personality, recognizable for everyone and being able to capture it.
There are many amateur photographers who make very good pictures but are almost nil in the development. There are others who are less artists but excellent processors. I prefer the first because it is more important for me to have some artistic and aesthetic skills than having a technical skill which can be acquired gradually with dedication. The ideal is to have both but all this depends on the concerns and aspirations of each.

About Night photography
It's my passion in photography and that since I started, I have devoted more effort and search. For me, night photography is an encounter with my inner self because everything around during night invites me to do so. Night, with his magical darkness, help me to meditate and transcend about everyday life. Here time stops and at the same time, his step is your essence. All this has always attracted me a lot.

At this moment I'm researching on infrared night photography that brings me to more distant imaginary worlds. When I have enough technical control, I will be willing to share it with you. Until then, I'm still looking and trying to improve to share it with the greatest quality.

For me, art (and life) is meaningless if it is not shared with others.


“Guendulain dawn”


“Guendulain Lake”

“Cape of Gata”


“The road of the Deer” Daylight shot


“Baranian (Infrared)”


“Iribas water mill (Infrared)”


“Midi D'Ossau”


“As Catedrais (Lugo, Spain) Lunar rainbow”


"Bardenas Night"


“The Rallon”








“Storm Bardenas”


“El Rayón”


“Wind Star”


“The house that I lose sleep”


Stunning Martin!!
I get lost in the beauty of your photos under this fantastic music.
Sensacional reportaje y gustosa entrevista, Martin. A través de tus fotos se siente esa necesidad de expresar tu talento artístico, al igual que con la música. Consigues transmitir un montón de emociones y sensaciones. Un placer disfrutarlo y gracias por compartirlo para poder seguir aprendiendo.
Hola Adolfo, muy agradecido por tus palabras, todos los que habeis escrito aquí en este blog me dais ánimos e ilusión para tratar de hacer las cosas cada día mejor. Todos aprendemos de todos... _____________Hi Adolfo, very grateful for your words, all that you have written here in this blog give me the courage and hope to try to make things better every day. We all learn from everyone ...
I read the article with a lot of respect Martin. You are a very talented person who is using his talent to create wonderful images and music. Congratulations.
Dear Marc, thank you very much for your beautiful words, bearing in mind that they come from a great artist like you. Thanks for your support. I will continue working to improve and learn ... A loving greeting from Spain!
I'm moved by your images and am intrigued by your creative process. Night photography is one of the last frontiers available to be unique and original in and i'm enjoying your explorations into what is possible.
Hi Zane, thank you very much for your words. In my creative process there is a different search for the same things that we all see in our life. I try to do different things based on the everyday and for this I inspired in the work of other colleagues of 1x. Of all of them I learn every day to "see" and analyze in detail every image I see. The same thing happens with my music. Thank you for your visit and for writing here!
Grande maestro, como siempre, muy grande
Muchas gracias David!
Enhorabuena Martin si bellas son tus fotografías tu música es maravillosa, gracias por compartir, un abrazo
Hola Lola, muchísimas gracias por tus palabras, me alegra saber que todo te gusta. Un abrazo!
Muchas felicidades Martin Zalba, sigo impresionado del arte hermoso que trasmites de una manera única y especial en todas tus fotografías.
Hola Jose Antonio, muchas gracias por tus palabras, muy agradecido por ver y apreciar mi trabajo. Un saludo!
De entre todas las definiciones que podemos encontrar para la palabra arte, una vez me llamo la atención una que dijo, precisamente un músico, al cual estaba escuchando en una entrevista de radio: " el arte es la capacidad de crear una obra capaz de comunicar y seducir". Desde mi punto de vista Martin, tanto con una disciplina como con la otra, (juntas ya es ¡la leche!), es capaz sin ninguna duda de cumplir con la definición de arte, antes expuesta. Muchas Felicidades. Igualmente felicitar a Yvette por la entrevista. --------------------------- Among all the definitions that we can find for the word art, once I was struck by one who said, precisely a musician, to whom he was listening in a radio interview: "art is the ability to create a work capable of communicating And seduce. " From my point of view Martin, both with one discipline and with the other (together is already the milk!), Is able without any doubt to comply with the definition of art, previously exposed. Congratulations. Also congratulate Yvette for the interview.
Hola Marco Antonio, muchas gracias por tus palabras, me animan a seguir adelante y a ser aún más consciente de mi responsabilidad. Trato de mejorar cada día y sobre todo, de compartir los dones que a cada uno nos otorga el destino, sobre todo, para compartirlos con los demás. Un fuerte abrazo!____________Hi Marco Antonio, thank you very much for your words, encourage me to move forward and to be even more aware of my responsibility. I try to improve every day and above all, to share the gifts that each one gives us destiny, above all, to share them with others. A hug!
Grateful thanks for your appreciation, Marco! And one more thanks to Martin who provide me this outstanding article ;-)
Wonderful, Martin! Viewing your images while listening to your work--to paraphrase one of your earlier comments--goes beyond the senses to discover an otherworldly reality. Look forward to more images and more music (and more great articles by Yvette).
Hi Greg, thank you so much, dear friend!
;-) Thanks for your appreciation, Greg ;-)
Felicidades,Martin! I´ve really enjoyed the music and of course your beautiful photos! From your admirer Jimmy:)
Jimmy, muchas gracias amigo!!!
What a beautiful article and wonderful photo's, congrats with the publishing, Martin and thank you, Yvette!!
Hi Jacob, very, very thankful!!
It was my pleasure to be able to publish this wonderful article, Jacob ;-)
You can tell by reading the interviews and view photos and photo Martin Zalba say nothing more than a work of art,Before any work on the concepts behind it is quite thought,He knows music lies in the nature, along with painting and psychology is such that the result is so different and special,Congratulations to him and his work and sincerely thank Yvette and her constructive report!
Thank you very much for your nice comment, very grateful!
Thanks for your appreciation here, dear Mohammad!
Enhorabuena, increíbles fotos y música, un abrazo desde Valencia de otro músico-fotógrafo!
Hombreeeee! qué bueno. Pues no te conocía y ahora sí y tienes una galería estupenda. Qué bueno, un español más que tengo el gusto de conocer. Muchas gracias por tus palabras y aver si te vemos más fotos por aquí...
Sí, que había visto fotos tuyas... ja ja ja es que soy tremendamente despistado y qué bonitas... un abrazo Xavier!
wonderful and much interesting article, congratulations Martin and thanks to Yvette! Best regard Wolfgang
And many thanks to you, dear Hans, for your interest in my work. A hug from Spain!
Thanks for your appreciation and for being a faithful reader of the 1x magazine, Hans-Wolfgang ;-)
Enhorabuena Martin por estas reflexiones tuyas que las hacemos nuestras. También por esas inquietudes artísticas que nos muestras con tu excelente trabajo tanto a nivel fotográfico como musical: el vídeo es extraordinario.Un abrazo Maestro! Muchas gracias a Yvette, que con su tiempo y esfuerzo ha hecho posible que este regalo para la vista y el oído llegue a todos nosotros. Congratulations Martin for these reflections of yours that we make ours. Also for those artistic concerns that you show us with your excellent work both at the photographic and musical level: the video is extraordinary. A hug Master! Many thanks to Yvette, who with her time and effort has made it possible that this gift for sight and hearing to reach us all.
Lo mejor y más bonito de todo lo que lleva asociado a la fotografía es que conocemos a personas que nos aportan cosas esenciales a nuestras vidas y esa es la suerte que tenemos contigo. Mil gracias por todos tus comentarios y por seguir tan de cerca mis trabajos. Un gran abrazo, Maestro!!!____________ The best and most beautiful of all that is associated with photography is that we know people who bring us essential things in our lives and that is the luck we have with you. Thank you for all your comments and for following my work so closely. A big hug, Master !!!
No thanks, Joxe... I'm so proud that I could share this article on the 1x Magazine. Martin was very patient till I figured out how to publish this fantastic video and wonderful music ;-)
Truly extraordinary photos, a talented photographer. Thank you Yvette for this excellent interview and thanks to Martin for making us dream !!!
Thanks Thierry! You got to the point when writing that Martin's makes us dream ;-)
And thanks to you for passing by and putting these beautiful words!
Great photos, it's beautiful, raduyte us with their works! Thank You so much Martin! Thank you Yvette for the interview!
Thanks for your appreciation, Mikhail.
Dear Mikhail, thank you for your support and comments. Greetings from Spain!
Enhorabuena Martin por esas fotografías, por todo tu trabajo y por esta entrevista. Una magnífica manera de conocerte un poco mejor. Saludos amigo. Congratulations Martin for those photographs, for all your work and for this interview. A great way to get to know you a little better. Greetings friend.
Lo más bonito y hermoso de la fotografía es el lado humano y el contacto tan enriquecedor con personas de tu valía. Un fuerte abrazo Jose y muy agradecido por tu apoyo!
Impresionate Martin !!! Grandisimas imagenes, con personalidad.... despiertan los sentidos. Enhorabuena.!!
Hola Juan, muchas gracias por tus palabras, vamos poco a poco, tratando de mejorar cada día. Saludos!
Un gran recoocimiento a una excelente persona, a un fotógrafo de excepción y a un mejor amigo. Enhorabuena Martín!!!
Tú eres la prueba de que la fotografía forja amigos de verdad. Es una suerte haberte conocido y que me cuentes entre tus amigos.
It's a gift to be talented in more than one discipline. You make a fantastic use of your talents, I am admiring this combination. Congratulations Martin with this great article !
Dear Luc, Talents (if there is talent) do not make sense if we do not share them with the rest of the world. Thank you for following my work so closely and for your appreciation. A hug from Spain!
verdon PRO
WOW, I am going to repeat myself again, you are one of the most talented people what I follow , keep up GREAT work, best wishes Verdon!
Dear, thank you very much for your words that are much appreciated. Greetings from Spain!
I have been always looking for , who is the owner of this great image which the most powerful photography site in the world has selected to be it is permanent cover image ... i have come today to know the huge artist Martin Zalba. Thanks Yvette for your magnificent incessant effort .
Thank you, dear Ahmed! Of course, Martin Zalba has all credits, but I was proud to publish this on the 1x Magazine ;-)
Dear Ahmed, I'm just an amateur photographer who tries to improve every day and wants to share his work with others. In 1x there are real artists from whom I learn new things every day ... thanks for your nice words!
For me it is a great honor that the publisher of 1x, Yvette publishes something about my work taking into account so many great artists that there is in 1x. I have no more words to thank you ...
Complimenti Martin. Fotografie splendide.
Dear Massimo, thank you so much for your words!
Dear Yvette, I am always in your debt and someday I must find a way to thank you. Thank you dear friend for your support. You do great to 1x !!!
Thank you, Martin!!! Sorry you had to wait that long, but I think it was more than worth the waiting. About a way to thank me... be aware that someday in the future I will not stand at your door in Pamplona ;-) Warm greetings, Yvette
Splendid photographs, superb video and music, wonderful photographic thoughts! Thanks for sharing this with us, Martin. My admiring compliments!!! Cheers, Yvette
Here you will be very welcome !!! And with all honors !!!!