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by Sebastien Vasiu 


“Spokój” by dariusz langrzyk

“What we are influences what we see!”

Shapes have been fascinating people for generations.
Shapes come in two categories: natural and artificial.
Natural shapes occur in nature and artificial shapes are created by men.

This theme is about natural shapes in photography highlighting the curves of nature and sometimes resulting in wonderful minimalism.

Enjoy the musical perfection of these natural waves.


“Antelope Canyon” by Amador Funes


“Dawn” by Matjaz Cater


“ski tracks” by Uschi Hermann


“The River Is the Reason” by Liyun Yu


“from here to eternity” by Irca Caplikas


“White Sands-Small hole” by Vlado Baca, QEP


“Silence” by Phillip Chang


“The Road” by Sorin Onisor


“As the mists were falling down” by Peter Svoboda


“Sandscape” by Peter poppe


“The Colour of Autumn” by Izabela Laszewska-Mitrega


“Duna #01” by Nana Sousa Dias


“Passage of dreams” by Babak Mehrafshar (Bob)


“Farewell Spit, New Zealand” by Jocelyn Manning


“Clean Air” by Ivo Vuk


“Survival” by Reinhard Gaemlich


“Before the Tide” by Rafa Herrero


“Mountain layers” by Ales Krivec


“When dark turns to light” by Yvette Depaepe


“The first ray” by Mohammad Shefaa


“Light and shadow” by Amin Dehghan


Great collection!
very beautiful choice ! Thank you very much for including my image !
Wonderful land shapes selection! My compliments, Sebastian!
Thank you very much Ivette, Sebastian; It is an honor that an image of mine has been chosen. Best regards
Very Welcome Amador! Congratulations! Thank you :)
Wonderful !!!
Extraordinary landscapes and splendid pictures that our earth is beautiful. Congratulations to all these great photographers, thank you Yvette
Thanks for your appreciation, Thierry! Editor Sebastiaen gathered this wonderful shots ;-) Merci et amitiés, Yvette
Thank you for sharing and inspiring
Welcome. Thank you :)
Thank you, Yvette, for this wonderful collection! It is a great honor to have my picture chosen by you! Thank you!
Editor Sebastian Vasiu is "responsible" for this beautiful gallery, Phillip. I just published it. Thank you very much anyway! Best greetings, dear friend ;-)
Wonderful selection, very inspiring !
Thank you very much Diana! :) Glad to hear that!