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A theatre of forks and spoons

by Susanne Stoop


"Fork" by Doris Reindl


We use them several times a day!  We used them yesterday, we are using them today and we will use them tomorrow, without giving them any thought. We just use them, clean them and put them away in the cupboard, the nice ones as well as the ugly and the ordinary ones. We need them for cooking, for eating our meals and  for... well, many other things. We automatically use them to take what we need. Although we can't imagine life without them, we don't give them any special attention. Anyway, we do never put them in the spotlight.

And yet, there are, as always, some people who thoroughly think about the use of these spoons and forks. How to arrange them into a wonderful composition, how to expose them  as beautiful as possible, how to tell a story of forks and knives. Funnily enough the knives are almost always left out. I wonder why they don't touch the creative vein.

I am talking of course about photographers, who use their imagination, their sense of humour, their skills to show these utensils in all their splendour giving them a new meaning and a theatre of their own. Enjoy and have fun!


“The Last Supper” by Jeno


“The snack” by Victoria Ivanova



“Hot bite” by Gert Lavsen



“Dinner Pieces” by Mike Melnotte



“Starshop Spooners” by Antonyus Bunjamin (Abe)



“Please save me !!!” tom r. grabuschnigg (tomtitan)



“May the fork be with you” by Øystein Rye Eriksen



“spoon” by Manfred W.



“Crux” by Dusan Macko



“Reciprocity” by Juan de Villalba



“Different shadow” by Olavo Azevedo



“The Creation of Cutlery” by Earl A. Jones



“Harp” by 2B



“The cage” by Cătălin Băican



“Handshake” by Wieteke de Kogel



“Un baño relajante / A relaxing bath” by Juan de Villaba



“plastic jungle” by Chris van Dolleweerd



“Spoons Abstract: Time” by Jacqueline Hammer



by Darek Grabus



“Melting down” by Ruben Perez (fris)



“Old silver cutlery” by Mystic Light (Piga&Catalano)



“Cradle” by Dave Nitsche



“Breakfast at 10” by Sherwin James



“Queen Ravenna" by Kumiko Nakata



“Tie” by Anil Akkus



“El Greco” by Jeno



“Sensual spoons” by Juan de Villaba



Only now with surprise I see this beautiful communication.We are really happy and honored that our photo has been chosen in company with other magnificent images. Thank you Susanne and Yvette.
so many thanks - i am very honored to be a part of this wonderful collection - kind greetings, my dear friends !!!
It was my pleasure, Tommy and thanks for the complement.
Thanks Ralf for yor enthousiasm!
A wonderful collection and thanks also for including one of mine!
Thanks for the complement, Jacqueline. It was my pleasure to include your wonderful photo.
A lot of splendid work :)
Thank you Heidi!
Excellent article and very creative images. It is an honor to share some of my photos with these fantastic pictures. Thank you very much Susanne and Yvette.
Thank you for the nice complement Juan! It was my pleasure to select your wonderful photographs.
Congratulations to all the authors. Many tks to Yvette and Susanne for the inclusion of my photo. It´s a great honour. Best regards
It was a pleasure to include your wonderful, creative photo!
The clever and often "cheerful feeling" cutlery creations always bring a smile to my face!
Thanks for the compliment!
Congratulations to the authors of all the selected images. Superb creativity!!! Thanks Susanne for this fine and funny article. Cheers, Yvette
Thanks Yvette!
Thank you Ivaylo and Teodora.
Great collection. Good work and really pleasant presentation:) Regards to all!