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Results of the contest Abstract Landscape in Brett Weston style

by Nick van Dijk 

With great pleasure and a big sense of pride I can publish the results of the 'Abstract B/W or Color Landscape, in the style of Brett Weston, competition'.

To start I want to thank Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp!  Without his enthousiastic participation and his invaluable expertise in choosing the winners, this competition would not have been so successful for sure!

My next thank you goes to Yvette Depaepe. Yvette has been the one doing the promotion for the competition via the Magazine of the 1x site bringing many new participants to enter the competition. Thank you so much Yvette!
You can read her article here

And last but not least, I want to thank all participants in the competition; the amount of entries has really exceeded my expectations and the quality of the entries was so high, making the final selection for Hans-Wolfgang all the more difficult. Thank you!

Here now the results and comments of the guest judge Hans-Wolfgang


“Stockness” by Alfonso maseda varela

Much impressive landscape image with accentuated foreground; I like most the lights and the
Contrasts of the structures of the foreground. The picture is processed and presented in perfect BW with a great range of tones.



“Autumn” by swapnil

A wonderful part of our world in an impressive abstract way. I like the warm colours of autumn divided by the falling waters. Perfectly composed and presented in square format.



“Waves of light” by kahi

Smooth, with lights and shadows modulated waves at a namib dune. The effect of these waves is much impressive. The perfect composition with the tree in the foreground and the wonderful colours transmitted an impressive abstract view of a desert.

In consideration of the high quality of much entries, I decided to award 10 additionally images.
Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order of the Author's names)

Honorable Mentions

“The Autumn Fire” by Fabiola Amidei


“The home of witches” by Fabiola Amidei


“Foggy Peaks” by Rob Corkran


“Solo Journey in Earth´s Womb(1)” by Yvette Depaepe


“sleeping rhinos” by Uschi Hermann


“…..LS246…..” by Johanes Januar


“Sculpted by the wind” by kahi


“waves” by Leonie Kuiper



“The Infinite Rock” by Alfonso maseda varela
Congratulations to all for the excellent work. I think 1x is the best photography website on the internet and I feel very proud to belong to it. Thanks to Hans, Yvette ... and to all the winners and selected by this wonderful work
Thank you very much for setting this up, and for broadening my horizon. I must confess, I didn't know Brett Weston before this competition, but when I had a look at his work, I felt immediately connected, and I found quite some fitting images in my portfolio. Proud to be selected as bronze and honorable mention, thanks again. Katharina
"Congratulations" to the winners in this competition, the wonderful works have to display properly. Pleased to be participating in this competition, and thank you for the opportunity to appear on the Honorable Mention. Not to forget I give thanks to Nick, Hans-Wolfgang and Yvette who have worked very well in filling the event. Regards Johanes Januar
A wonderful series of images that has expanded my own list of favorites! Thanks to Wolfgang, Yvette, and Nik for making it happen, and to all the photographers who participated.
Congratulations to all the winners and to the organisers of this contest :-)
Renewal here my best compliments to all winners for such splendid works. And I warmly thank Nick, Hans-Wolfgang and Yvette for their excellent work in managing this compelling contest !!! For me it was very inspiring and enjoyable, and it is a great honor to be part of the honorable mentions, again my thanks. I hope there will be other interesting initiatives like this :-) Kind regards to all of you, Fabiola
All my respect Mr. Hans, you are a great inspiration to me , well chosen pictures
Congratulations to all winners of the competition. A big thanks to all participants. They made the competition with their entries to a great success. I was very pleased to be the judge for this exciting competition. Thanks also to Yvette and Nick for their hard work to present and to manage the competition. Best regards Wolfgang
Glad I could contribute to the success of this fine competition, Hans-Wolfgang. And honored with the Honorable Mention too ;-).
Wow, beautifully presented Yvette !! This really looks fabulous! Thank you so much for all the support you have given and also congratulations on your own image ';-D . Greetings, Nick
My pleasure, Nick! Proud to be part of the Honorable Mentions ;-)
Big congratulations to the Winners of Gold, Silver, Bronze and the Honorable Mentions. Thanks to Nick for organizing this interesting contest and to Hans-Wolfgang for his great job as guest judge. Cheers, Yvette