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Wonderland is much closer than you think

by Yvette Depaepe


“Duet” by jimmy hoffman

Macro photography is the art of taking close-up pictures that reveal details which can’t be seen with the naked eye.  It gives us a glimpse into the world of the very small.

Pros can enjoy taking macro shots of leaves, flowers, and sluggish insects. Nature lovers can spend hours outside, searching for hidden treasures among flowers and leaves. Plus, in non-photogenic locations, like many people’s backyards, macro photography makes it possible to take great images of nature without traveling at all.

If attracted by macro photography as a beginner, it doesn't necessary mean that you require any expensive equipment  or an optically superb lens dedicated to macro shooting to start.

You could begin by slipping a diopter lens to the front of the existing standard lens … this would impart a degree of magnification; you could also install extension tubes between your normal lens and the camera body; you could also acquire a set of macro bellows and place them between lens and body.

In truth, you can make digital macro photography as basic or as complex as you wish it to be.

In this gallery you will find some truly revealing and inspiring macro photographs by 1x artists which are sure to have you marveling at the world around you.


“Dew Bells” by Jacky Parker


“Perrier c'est fou” by Fabien Bravin


“Togetherness” by Erwin Astro


“My vehicle lizard” by Made Saputra


“perch” by nordin seruyan


“Break Dance” by robert fly


“Team Work” by Andyan Lutfi


“Attraction” by Vincentius Ferdinand


“Emergence” by jimmy hoffman


“Ladybird almost flying away” by Ellen van Deelen


“Blue Moon Legends” by Fabien Bravin


“Ohh Noo :( It's Raining” by Kutub Uddin


“Are you gonna dance with me ?” by Hasan Baglar


“waterdance” by Ursula Abresch


“Snails” by Ellen van Deelen


“Robberfly portrait” by Javier Torrent


“Tango Argentino” by holger droste


“I am back to you” by Erwin Astro


“Standing toward the light...” by Thierry Dufour


“Colors in the drop” by Aida Ianeva


“a n e m o n e” by Mandy Disher


“Untitled” by simona forte


“Feeding” by Jimmy Hoffman


“Afternoon Affair” by Erwin Astro


“Hunt” by mustafa öztürk


“Microworld” by Stefano Moschini


“FOUR OF A KIND” by Savas Sener


“The road to the green zone...” by Thierry Dufour


“Tainted Love” by Fabien Bravin


Many thanks. Great macros.
Thanks for the effort and attention for all of these great shots! And for selecting a few of my pictures also, my friend.. I am sooooo happy..
Foto veramente splendide. Complimenti a tutti glia autori.
Thank you, Massimo! I could post this article thanks to the fantastic macro photographers on 1x. Cheers, Yvette
wonderful work
Thanks for your appreciation for all the photographers in this article, dear Martine!
I am glad that you have showcased some great macro photography on 1x. Unfortunately some of these macros are staged and shot without regard for ethics of nature photography. Anytime you see frogs in too good to be true compositions these are frogs that are pets in some countries that are used to create images with frogs holding up umbrellas,holding on to reeds in weird poses with a butterfly on their heads etc etc blatantly ignoring ethics of macro photography just for the sake of exposure on social media. Whether these are pets or available in plenty compassion and welfare of the subjects supersede any kind of abuse and cruel treatment of these hapless creatures. Please be mindful of welfare of all living beings before clicking the shutter. We are facing 6th mass extinction of all the species caused by one species which is us Human beings.
I had head those kind of stories, this kind of shots should not be showcase. Photography is to show the beautify of the world instead of killing for shots.
Dear Usha and Jim, I fully agree with your statement. But I sincerely don't think there is any kind of "crualty" or "killing" involved in any of those images even in the two frog images. Anyway, feel free to start a discussion here with other members sharing your opinion. Once more, I fully agree that everyone should be mindful of welfare of all living beings before clicking the shutter. Cheers, Yvette
Dear Yvette,Thank you for suggesting that we have a discussion about ethics of photography. This is indeed an opportunity to bring to light the dubious nature of pseudo-macro photography. This has already been addressed in the media. 1x provides a platform for world wide exposure and hence can be an advocate for ethics of nature photography in general and macro photography in particular. Let me provide a link for a discussion that has already expressed genuine concern for the well being of all the small and fragile creatures in the wild. It is also disturbing that a small island nation can produce such great numbers of macro photography which are similar and obviously staged shots which are too good to be true. "It annoys me that photography magazines seem to imply that the ONLY way to get good shots of insects is effectively to set up studio shots. They never seem to consider the subject in all of this, just how much more convenient it is for the photographer." is a quote that echoes my own feelings and thoughts on this subject.
Thanks for the effort and attention for all of these great shots! And for selecting a few of my pictures also;)
Jimmy, there are so much breath taking macro shots in the 1x gallery. Thanks for your appreciation and congrats on your fabulous macro work, amigo!
Thanks very much Yvette!
I have to thank all the artists, Ellen! I admire all these images and should give it a try too ;-)
Thanks alot
Thanks to you, Mustafa. Congrats with the selection!
Beautiful macro work!!
Yes, they are, Jacob!
Amazing work!!!
Thanks for your appreciation, Jesús ;-)
Thank you Yvette!Beautiful images!
Glad you like all images in this wonderful gallery, Aida and congrats to you, dear friend!
Thank you Yvette for choosing two of my macros, splendid image, I like, congrats to all !!!
Thanks to you, Thierry! Cheers, Yvette
many thanks, all images are perfect !!!
Thanks Hasan! Congrats to all selected photographers ;-)
stunning images!!! well done Yvette
Thank you, dear Carmine!