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Dancers in Motion

by Carla DLM 

by Yudhistira Yogasara

The art of photographing dancers with a slow shutter speed in order to capture their movements through motion blur is a well-established technique. Mastering this technique is not easy, but it leads to delightful results when it is correctly implemented. In order to get good results, it is necessary to slow down the shutter speed on camera while the subject is moving over a dark background and with proper light. A proper combination of movement captured on camera, digital edition and the photographer’s creativity will produce images that captivate the observer without doubts.

I particularly enjoy this kind of photography, especially when it combines a lot of movement and subject details. A contradiction I love to implement in my own work.

Here is a selection I found in 1x. All of them have a particular beauty that invites to a second look.


by Guillaume Legraverend


by Suren Manvelyan


by Sabine Hanse



by Raymond Bridges



by Dete



by Malvin Jan Dyb


by Andre Arment



by Antonyus Bunjamin



by Jay Satriani



by Erhan Dayi



by Jacob Jovelou



by Osher Partovi



by Mel Brackstone



by Hamze Dashtrazmi



by S.C.



by Priscila Werneck



by Arik Chernovski



by Roswitha Schleicher-Schwarz



by Michael M.
Wow! Carla, thank you very much for choosing one of my photos! I'm really pleased, especially for being with amongst great images...
I am pleased to see one of my photos in this gallery. Thank you Carla. The other photos are very beautiful and inspiring too... Sabine
Fantastic and fascinating work! Congrats
Thanks Martin! All works are truly amazing ! :))
Bellissime. Complimenti a tutti.
Grazie :))
Thank you for choosing one of my images, Carla, and congratulations to all the artists! I'd like to share a member's work as well. King used film for so many of his amazing motion shots of ballerinas.
Many thanks to you ! :))
A really wonderful gallery! Wonderful selection! Carla! I am happy to see the pictures.
Many thanks Teruhiko! These pictures are stunning ! :)
Beautiful images in this gallery. Congratulations to all.
Thanks Patrick! :)
Wonderful serial images!!
Thanks so much dear Jacob :))
Wonderful article, Carla! Congratulations for selecting the best dancers in motion on 1x pictures!
Thanks so much Marius, my best wishes to you :))
very interesting.. wonderful gallery!!
A big thanks Carmine :))
Wonderful gallery, dear Carla! Congratulations to all the photographers selected. Cheers, Yvette
Many thanks dear Yvette :). These picture speak by themselves :)). My best wishes to you :))