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Monthly theme "Season of calm" winners

The winners of Monthly theme "Season of calm" are here. Guest judge Iwona Podlasinska has selected the top three winners, while the rest have been chosen through public voting.

The top three winners receive the following prizes:

The 1st Prize: 100 System V5Filter Holder + 100 System ND1000 (10 stops) Filter + 100 System Soft GND8 (0.9) + 100 System Square Filter Box + 1 Filter Cleaning Cloth. 

Total Value US$ 539

The 2nd Prize: 100 System V5 Filter Holder + 100 System ND1000 + 100 System Square Filter Box + 1 Filer Cleaning Cloth. 
Total value US$ 369

The 3rd Prize: 100 System ND1000 (10 stops) filter + 100 System Square Filter Box. 
Total value US$ 187

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1st place

 "Not ordinary walk" by Max Anin.
Judge's comments
This is a calm and soothing image. I love how the author put a person into this picture, this way it's not only a snowy road but a story telling image. It is focused somewhere in front of the person making the falling snow more visible. This is a wonderful use of a natural frame in photography and the main subject is nicely centered. Taking the color out of this picture made it stronger, letting the viewer feel the cold and calm mood. 


2nd place

"When the child was a child..." by Petros Petropoulos.
Judge's comments
My second choice it this black and white portrait. I love the expression here. The closed eyes bring the calm mood. The wind in her hair and warm jacket makes you know that it was taken outdoors, probably on a chilly winter day. The soft light on her face makes the viewer think of a cloudy and windy winter day. Yet the girl stays calm- maybe the is enjoying it, maybe dreaming of something, maybe missing something. I love how the artist put so many feelings into a simple portrait. 
3rd place

"Hieroglyphics" by Alexander Plekhanov.

Judge's comments
This picture amazed me from the first moment I saw it. It's a very simple thing, but the right composition, color and quality makes you want to enlarge the thumbnail and look closer to all the details: is there snow on the branches? Is it really water? What's in the background? Is it for covering it all? Questions I asked myself as I went closely through the details of this image. It is exactly what I imagine when I think "Season of calm"- calm water, foggy and cold day, seems like the whole world has stopped for a second.



Top voted



By Kristina.

By Bart van Geffen.

By Massimo Della Latta.

By Santiago Pascual Buye.

By MJoão Ferreira.

By Thomas Herren

By Pino Liddi.

By Jean-Louis Viretti.

By Miki Tabata Sauce.
Good afternoon.Say please,u all such problem with prizes?ß I wait a prize already half years
Beautiful photographs. Each photo is a theater with an interesting story.
Wow!! Thank you very much !! Congrats to all, so many beautiful images!!
Please tell me who to contact about getting a prize:)I is very difficult given the translation of the site.who can I contact?someone write?all a merry Christmas ;)
Contact Thomas Brindt at [email protected] .
sanks very much )
Congratulations to all the lucky winners: all the images are inspiring and beautiful works. I wish to all the people of the site a Very Happy New Year, hoping that all your dreams will come true :)). Have a Wonderful Weekend! :)) Kind regards to all.
Hello!!! thank you to everyone that chose my work.I am very happy.It's unexpected and nice
Congrats to all authors! Beautiful work!
I'm very happy to be in the top 10 of top voted ... Thanks all and happy new year everybody ...
Grazie e complimenti a tutti i selezionati Buon 2017
Hi Thomas, one mistake in the legends. The 7th image of the top voted (bench and trees) is by Thomas Herren, not by Jean-Louis Viretti. Have a great New Year !
Hi Hans Martin, My mistake. Thanks for noticing!
Hello friends ... It's OK with your photo Thomas on 7th ... Mine is really 9th ... Everythings is ok now .... Yours ... JL