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Picturesque Nepal: Sunrises

By Ajay Pant

Nature though has many phenomena hidden and strange, the beauty that emanates from it overshadows all. Truly, place where one can be soothed and healed is nature. Nature is both amidst and far away from us. But the thing far away and special is more valued. One of such things is The Sun and when it rises brings nature to its fullest.


"Gokyo Fire" (Gokyo Peak) by Karsten Wrobel 

The sunrise is one of the most beautiful sights of Nature. Many poets have sung its praises who have all associated it with peace and happiness. At this time everything appears to be beautiful. The rising sun shimmers the mountaintops, the trees, the mosques, the temple, and the buildings of a big city. The eastern sky is flooded with a gentle and rosy colour, and everything appears to be bright and golden. Very often a gentle breeze blows at this time, which is very fresh and health giving. It blows over vast plains and treetops, and even creeps into dark houses in crowded lanes. Nevertheless, not just the mountaintops or the crowded lanes, the sunrise brings the rays and light of positivity, faith, hope and energy to all ecosystems, which have been crestfallen due to the gloomy dark nights.

At the same time, the sunrise makes us see many fine scenes. On the roads the trees look fresh and beautiful. Flowers bloom in gardens and the air is loaded with their perfume. One also hears the songs of birds at this time. The sparrow chirps from one branch of the tree and the lark sings high up in the sky.

Thus the sunrise is beautiful on account of its fine sights and sounds, and healthful effect on both body and mind. These things reflect its importance and beauty, and for sure The Sunrise is one of the most captured wonders of nature. I believe it is solely the beautiful and picturesque thing. Nepal, as being a very diverse in its landscapes, from high hills and mountains or the plain Terai, sunrise looks too much majestic and is able to hypnotize all the viewers and provides a wonderful lifetime experience to any photographer wishes to capture its beauty. So, here are some glimpses of wonderful sunrises from my country.
Some images in this compilation are taken by 1x artists and some are taken by me as a privileged habitant of amazing beautiful Nepal.


"The Mountain Gods" (Himalaya) by Karsten Wrobel 


Annapurna Curtains” by Johan Nieuwerth


Sunlit” (Langtang – Himalaya) by Dmitry Kupratsevich



“To the light” (Everest, Gorakshep) by Tachpasit Kunaporn



Sunrise on the Anapurna” (Sangarkot) by Yvette Depaepe



"Morning sun" (Sangarkot) by Ajay Pant



First Sun” (Tapapani, Annapurna region) by Ajay Pant



Valley in morning” (Nano-Budha, Panauti valley) by Ajay Pant



Cloud's play” (Dhulikhel, Katmandu valley) by Ajay Pant



Misty Morning” (Chitwan National Park) by Ajay Pant



Fire in the sky” (Dhulikhel, Kathmandu valley) by Ajay Pant



Layers” (Kathmandu valley) by Ajay Pant



Sunrise over the TOPS!” (Nagarkot, Kathmandu valley) by Ajay Pant



Layers of Hills” (Kathmandu valley) by Ajay Pant



Morning sun” (Chitwan) by Ajay Pant)



Sun in the mist” (Chitwan) by Ajay Pant



Sun rays” (Chitwan National Park) by Ajay Pant



Forest sun” (Chitwan National Park) by Ajay Pant



"First Sunrays" (Chitwan National Park) by Yvette Depaepe