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Marc Apers: Exhibition "Faces"


Many of us know the soulful portraits made by Marc Apers.
But looking at the large collection of more than 30 huge classy prints on display in his first solo exhibition of last week, was stunning.

The opening was successful. Among the crowd was a large group of 1x members who came to congratulate him. The mood was great. It was so fine to see curators, moderators, senior critics, group managers, editors and more members gathered on this unique photographic event.


Jef Van den Houte, Gilbert Claes, Ben Goossens, Luc Vangindertael, Marc Apers, Maurits De Groen, Luc Tourwé
The ladies: Susanne Stoop, Yvette Depaepe, Edith Hoffman, Hilde Ghesquiere


Each of Marc's portraits is worth more than a thousand words.
He is always searching to capture the soul, the background and life experiences of everyone he portrays.
Wherever he goes, may it be abroad or in his own country, he carries the bare minimum. No lenses, no filters, no tripod! Just his Canon 5D Mark II and his tremendous gift to socialize with everybody who crosses his path. He never takes a portrait without first starting a conversation with the people he meets. He always tries to make them feel comfortable by being open minded and honest. By talking, giving a wink or any sign of gratitude, he is accepted more as a friend than as a photographer. The combination of his humanity and photographic skills results in high quality, intense and outstanding portraits.

Each “face” displayed has it's own story and Marc loves to talk endlessly about the stories behind his portraits.

His brother introduced him to the public at the opening and wrote a lovely text that really describes who Marc is as a fine photographer and a warm personality.
Here is a humble translation of a few sentences of that introduction. I did the best that I could do.

"Camera Obscura"
"I wish I could write like my brother photographs. He is painting with light, finding the line, focusing with the right shutter speed in a determined and disarming way. He is proud to capture people in the universal landscape by using many tones of black and many tones of white. He keeps his eyes wide open wherever he is in this world and they're always sparkling! As a poet I write upside down, as a photographer he photographs straight. In the end, we are sitting in the same black box and share our roots: images and words. When we escape from the box and return to the reality, everything comes together where it belongs."

Some images displayed on the exhibition “Faces”.
Enjoy … as much as we did!








The old shepherd”


Young innocence”



Broken arrow”






Writing lessons”



The protagonist”



The beauty of old age”









Mother's jump”



The performer”



Island girl”










Madame Carpentier, 94”



The bachelor”


Stunning Marc !!! Many compliments !! :)
Thanks Carla !
Hoi Marc, Ik heb genoten van je portretten. Thanks
... en ik van je gewaardeerde aanwezigheid !
Dag Marc, Ik kan mij enkel aansluiten met de commentaren van de andere leden. Een buitengewone expositie van je uitstekend zwart-wit portretten... Een lust voor het oog. And yes... also very nice and interesting to meet so many members there... I am glad and thankful to admire your work in print ... Wish you good friend.
Bedankt Gil voor je bezoek aan mijn foto-expo, ben blij dat je het mooi vond ... and of course meeting other 1x members is always fun !
Bravo Marc - a very fine body of work! I have seen you work in the field and would have loved to see the results in print, but I'm delighted to have this opportunity to view online. Many congratulations :) Linda
Glad you like my work and approach Linda !
Prachtig Marc..,heb altijd al je werk bewonderd.
Hartelijk dank Peter !
Het was prachtig Marc!!
Bedankt Maurits !
Evan Oz CREW
Hello Marc - So nice to partake of your exhibition in this way. The photographs look impressive in their enlargements and each face, each figure seems a commanding presence as you've placed them in the gallery. Congratulations on this fine achievement as well as on this feature in the 1X Magazine. Thanks, Yvette, for sharing the experience.
Thanks Evan for your kind words !
Congratulations with your exposition Marc. I really enjoyed looking at your fascinating portrets and i am glad to have met you as a fine photographer and person. Hope we meet again. Also a big thanks to yvette for writing this article. Greets Marc.
It was nice to meet you too Marc, thanks for visiting my exhibition and appreciation !
Many thanks Massimo !
Fantastic portraits, congrats Marc for your work !!!
Thanks a lot Thierry !
Excellent work! Congrats on your exhibition Marc - can only imagine what a great impact your work has in print.
Many thanks Lara !
Jouw werk is "uit het leven gegrepen"! Geen toeters of bellen, gewoon zoals het leven is: puur, niets meer en niets minder! Ik hou van jouw realistische werkstukken Marc en je techniek is van superbe kwaliteit! Ik geniet, bedankt!
Bedankt voor zoveel lovende woorden Huib, ik wens je een fijn weekend !
Great portraits, Marc - love them in black and white :) Excellent work.
Gald you like them Jan, thanks a lot !
congrats, Marc, for a great exhibit with so great pictures..., just sad because it´s so farway from here. cheers, Paulo
Haha, maybe my next exhibition will be in Lisbon (wishful thinking), thanks Paulo !
Many congratulations,Marc for this fantastic exhibition!Warm greetings to all of you! :)
Thanks a lot my friend !
Wonderful exhibition, thank you Yvette! Congrats for all.
Many thanks Martin !
Thank you for your wonderful work!
Thank you Yvette for your role as house reporter at this occasion. Marc's photos are wonderful on screen, but nothing compares to see them printed and showcased as they were in Lier. Great to meet so many members at this occasion ... a very fine experience, tastes for more :-)
Feel honoured Luc, sorry i didn't have the time to talk with you and Myriam much more, let's hope on the next occasion ...
Hi Marc, so many people there, no need for sorry, you can't be everywhere at the same time.
Pracht serie portretten!!
Bedankt Jacob !
It was a wonderful exhibition and well presented dear Marc, well done! Like Susanne said: "Black & white images like they have to be." It was a busy opening and for sure many people came to see your work. Great to meet you again and also to get to know your wife. Also good to meet the other people from 1x and we had a lot of fun again, as usual. Have a great weekend ahead and take care! Greetings, Edith :-) xx
The pleasure was mutual Edith, i feel really lucky, the exhibition was a major success with more than 300 visitors and of course nice to meet so many members from 1x once more.
Your report brings back happy memories and the joy of seeing again some of Marcs amazing portraits.
The pleasure was mine Susanne, thanks a lot !
Thank you so very much dear Yvette !
;-) My pleasure, Marc!
Once more, my very best compliments with your brilliant exhibition of last week, Marc. I hope that my little report expresses well the feelings of all the visitors. And I hope that the translation of a small part of your brother's text is OK ;-))) Dit was en is nagenieten, man!!!