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Looking down

For those who enjoyed the article “Looking up” by Carla DLM, here is another worthy perspective put forward by Paulo Abrantes in his article “THE GROUND WE WALK ON”


“ground” by Mike Gal

In our daily lives we are always running from a place to another going to work, looking for a parking space or a restaurant, catching the train or bus and so on.

In all this rushing about, our eyes are always looking forward while with occasional glances to  check the time.

However, just under our feet there are amazing photographic subjects to discover.  Perhaps a puddle reflection of the real world on a rainy day, a shadow flow, a pattern in the sidewalk or the opportunity of great geometric compositions from road intersections.

These are just some of the many examples we can admire here on 1X.  They show us outstanding compositions made not by looking forward but just by looking down where the ground we are walking on plays a major role in the visual impact of the picture.


“Dirty Eiffel” by Pessoa N Beat

“Untitled” by Massimo Della Latta



“Zebra” by Piotr Wiszniewski

“Untitled” by Mirko Fambrini

“Red Boots” by Dragan M. Babovic

“Find me...” by Stefan Eisele

“Walk On” by Carlos Costa

“I have a gift also for you” by Antonio Grambone

“Untitled” by Carlo Cafferini

“Mop” by Ali Ayer



“Beauty and the beast” by Samanta

“The police” by Jose C. Lobato

“Short Story” by laura mexia


“Cycling tour” by Marc Apers

“Untitled” by Susanne Stoop

“chess” by donghee,HAN

“Untitled” by eric drigny

“forms” by Marchevca Bogdan

“Untitled” by Roberto Parola

“Signs” by Samir Pajic

“just another passenger” by Izidor Gasperlin

“Untitled” by ryusei egawa

“The Runaway” by Martin Johansson

“Untitled” by Jian Wang

“I love you” by Rui Caria

“Untitled” by Catalin Burlacu

“Where?” by Jeroen van de Wiel

“Untitled” by Tatsuo Suziki



"let's go to the cinema" by Elaine Vallet



"Sergelstorg" by ihyabozkurt



"Black thoughts by Nuno Rocha



"Rotterdam from a roof" by Yvette Depaepe 


"Push the Sky Away" by Paulo Abrantes  
Thank you for including my work!
A really outstanding selection. Thank you so much for including my photo in it, Paulo.
Really a great selection, congrats Paulo, greetings, raff
grazie mille, Raffaele
A wonderful collection, Paulo! Really proud to be part of it.
many thanks, Jeroen
Evan Oz CREW
I enjoyed visiting the gallery you created, Paulo. The Ground We Walk On is fascinating indeed--at least in the hands of these fine photographers. Thanks for the selection and article.
many thanks, Evan
Excellent choices!
so many thanks, Ralf. I´m honored
Splendid work Paulo ! Beautiful selection ! :)
muchas gracias, Carla :)
Excelentes escolhas. Um privilégio poder fazer parte. Obrigado Excellent choices. A privilege to be part of. Thank you
muito obrigado, Carlos
A wonderful selection! Thanks for including my picture!
many thanks, Susanne
Magnificent selection of photos and photographers. It is an honor to have been included in both master. A large eastern Paulo work. Congratulations and thank you.
muchas gracias, Jose
Great works. Beauty all of them. Congrats to all the authors :)
many thanks, my friends
Thank´s a lot for having included my picture in the article, Yvette and Paulo!!
many thanks, Stefan. cheers
It is a wonderful article. Thanks Paulo and Yvette!
many thanks, Jian
Thanks for picking one of my photos
muito obrigado, Nuno.
Thank you so much for having included my picture in the article. Congratulations to all the other authors of these excellent images. Greetings, Antonio G.
grazie mille, Antonio
A fine collection Paulo, thanks for the choice and the article :-))
many thanks, Luc
Perfect and coïncidal timing between you and Carla, dear Paulo. Wonderful article, introduction straight to the point and beautiful gallery. Thanks my friend and congrats to the selected photographers. Cheers, Yvette
thx a lot, Yvette. cheers
Grazie e complimenti a tutti.
grazie mille, Massimo
I enjoyed reading this article Paulo and a good add to the looking up article. Wonderful collection of images and congratulations to all of you being published, well deserved. Have a great weekend ahead and take care! Warm regards, Edith :-)))
many thanks, Edith. the same for you :)