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Looking UP

by Carla DLM 


by Holger Glaab

Normally, we tend to focus on the world in front of us and pay little attention to what goes on over our heads. However, living close to one of the cities with more skyscrapers in the world made me wonder what treasured we can discover by raising our eyes.

Thinking about it, looking up opens a world of possibilities for photography: trees, stairs, sky, clouds, airplanes, buildings and much more.  Personally, I love buildings and different kinds of architecture. I love getting a unique perspective on buildings by taking photographs from the ground looking skyward.

As in many other categories, it is challenging to capture the right angle, achieve a good composition and preserve sharpness. Here is a selection of dream-like images of skyscrapers obtained from this singular point of view. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


by Markus Studtmann


by Carla DLM


by Gilbert Claes


by Marc Huybrighs


by Harry Lieber


by Sobul


by Greg Metro


by Henk van Maastricht


by Tomoshi Hara


by Adolfo Urrutia


by Carlos Costa


by Jesús Rubio


by Ute Scherbag


by Luc Vangindertael


by Jeroen van de Wiel


by  Peter Bigorajski


by Herbert A. Franke

by Julia Anna Gospodarou


by Mathijs van den Bosch


by Anna Laudan


by Joachim Bruederl


by Gediminas Karbauskis


by Yuval Shiboli


by Alessandro Gallo


by Ahmed Thabet


by Karol Vazan


by Olivier Schwartz


by Vasko Yankov


by Pierre Bacus


by Harry Lieber


by Michel Guyot


by Loïc Remy – ELREM


by Anton Kerezov


by Raymond van der Hoogt


by Carla DLM & Loïc Remy



Beautiful article and photo selection! Congratulations, Carla!
Thank you so much for this nice article and publication of one of my architectural picture... My shoulders and neck are constantly disrupted by looking up into the cities in search of the ultimate shot ... :-) Have a nice day...
I totally believe that! A big thanks to you dear Gilbert .. wish you a great week :))
Wonderful article and a great selection of works. As Luc Vangindertael noted, there are no doubt some neck pains involved in this gallery :) . I'm honored to have one of my pictures included in this selection. Thank you Carla.
Thanks to you Yuval !!! It was my pleasure :))
I enjoyed reading this article dear Carla. Wonderful collection of images and congratulations to all of you being published, well deserved. Have a great weekend ahead and take care! Warm regards, Edith :-)))
I really enjoyed in the selection of the images (so many good works in 1X's archives)....Believe me, it was a difficult selection. Very glad you like it and thanks so much for your lovely comment. I hope you are doing great. I saw you were traveling, so I hope you had a really nice time. Wish you a lovely weekend dear Edith :)
I can imagine that it is difficult to chose the images, since there are so many good ones dear Carla. You are welcome my friend. How are you doing? I am doing fine and had a great time traveling. I could just continue with it hahahahaha..., just love it and also great to meet new people. Enjoy your weekend dear friend!!! Greetings from grey Dordrecht :-)))
Thanks so much! I am a bit busy lately (as usual), but I am doing really good. Many thanks for asking :).I wish you the same this weekend ;). Enjoy !!!
Amazing pictures, thanks for sharing!!
Thanks to you :))
Thanks for the selection Carla; it's an honor to be among you wonderful choice.
Thanks to you Michel! It was my pleasure :)
Excellent selection!
Thanks so much Ralf!
I enjoyed reading this article and taking a look at all these stunning looking up pictures. Thanks for the great selection Carla.
Thanks so much Marc ! Very nice of you ! :)
I have little time here and It has been a pleasant surprise for me to see one of my photos in this fantastic gallery. Great work, Carla. Thank you very much.
Was my pleasure! Thanks to you Adolfo :)
Proud to be in this wonderful company, great selection Carla!
Thanks to you Jeroen! You have stupendous works!
I totally agree to Herbert A. Frankes comment. Thank you so very much for sharing my picture and for this awesome selection.
Thanks to you Holger! You have an stunning gallery!
Thanks for sharing with us Carla! Outstanding images. I'm really glad that my image is in the selection as well!
Very well deserved! Thank you :)
A fantastic selection you have put together, Carla. I am honored that one of my pictures is involved. Best regards Herbert
Was my pleasure, thanks to you Herbert :)
Beautiful article and well selected images , and the title of the article is really classy
Thanks to you Ahmed :)
Wonderful selection, Carla... and I'm honored, that one of my photos is included :-)) Cheers, Ute
So well deserved Ute! My best wishes for you ! :)
Fine selection Carla .... all great photos ... wonder how much neck injuries are the result of these beauties :-))
That's a good question ! Thanks so much Luc :)
Great choice of outstanding images, Carla! Love the flow in your presentation. Excellent article, we all should LOOK UP more often ;-) Cheers, Yvette
Thanks so much dear Yvette :) Hope you are having a lovely week :)