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Waterfall Inspiration

by Yan Zhang

Waterfalls are one of the most common natural phenomena on our earth; where water flows over a steep hillside or cliff and causes a drop or a series of drops to a lower level of a river or creek. There are many different types of waterfalls, and sometimes it can be quite hard to classify them – from a segmented to tiered waterfall to high cataract and cascade waterfall.


"Moonset" (Argentina) by Yan Zhang

In modern nature and landscape photography, waterfalls are an essential subject appearing in various exhibitions and photo galleries.

Compared to other landscape photography subjects, such as oceans and mountains, waterfalls may be a subject that photographers think would be clear and straight forward. However, creating an excellent waterfall photograph is very challenging – a photographer requires all kinds of techniques, creativities and dedications in order to capture a unique moment of the waterfall.

Since starting landscape photography, I have spent a great deal of time taking waterfall pictures in my local area, the Blue Mountains, as well as in many other places outside Australia. However, after all these years of practice, I realize that waterfalls are probably one of the most difficult subjects to photograph.

1X gallery contains many beautiful waterfall images created by talented photographers from all over the world. I feel that these stunning waterfall images not only gives us great inspiration from a photography perspective, but are also a rich source to exhibit the beauty of landscapes and invoke our true appreciations to our natural environment.

I have selected 20 waterfall images from 1X gallery. In this collection, we can view a wide range of waterfalls from all over the world – from those most famous grand waterfalls to the ones that are less known to many people but are of somewhat very special formations.


“Tiu Kelep Waterfall (Mount Rinjani, Indonesia)” by Adhi Prayoga


“Kirkjufell (Iceland)” by Raymond Hoffmann


“Huangguoshu Waterfalls (Guizhou, China)” by Yan Zhang

“Niagara Falls (USA, State of NY)” by Yvette Depaepe


“Angel Falls (Highest waterfall in the world, Venezuela)” by Nikolay Popov


“Victoria Fall (border of Zambia and Zimbabwe)” by Mark Boyle


“Horse Tail Falls (Yosemite, USA)” by Son H Nguyen


“Iguazu Falls (Brazil)” by Yan Zhang


“Skogafoss Falls (Iceland)” by Jingshu Zhu


“Godafoss (Iceland)” by Luigi Ruoppolo


“Ramona Falls (Oregon, USA)” by Shenshen Dou


“Stairscase Falls (Washington, USA)” by Ryan Dyar


“Wallaman Falls (Queensland, Australia) by Tracey Harrison-Hill


“St Nectan’s Glen Waterfall  (UK)” by Mirek Galagus


“Thor’s Well (Oregon, USA)” by Miles Morgan


“Cilember waterfalls (West Java, Indonesia)” by Rudi Gunawan


“Havasu Falls (Arizona, USA)” by Björn Billing


“Halls Falls (Tasmania, Australia)” by Dylan Toh


“Devil’s Punchbowl Waterfall (Arthur’s Pass, New Zealand)” by Doug Gimesy

“Ho’opi’i Falls (Hawaii, USA)” by Matt Anderson
Excellent compilation!! Very inspiring!
Thanks for your research work, Yan! A fine article... Cheers, Yvette
A wonderful list of waterfalls!