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Back to school

by Susanne Stoop


"Writing lessons" by Marc Apers


Some children can not wait to be allowed to go to school. Others find it a nuisance, something they have to endure, since there is no other option then to go to school.

Especially children in developing countries want nothing more than to go to school. No matter how primitive their school is, they are happy and proud to go. They want to learn, progress and find a way out of poverty in which they grow up.

The photos on this list show their enthusiasm and interest - although sometimes distracted by the photographer. They also show that the circumstances under which children go to school are rather grim. And although all attention is for the children, lets not forget the teachers!

In the list there is only one  photograph of a classroom in a so called rich country. It's a pity I couldn't find more in the 1x gallery. May be I overlooked some!


“small student from Nepal” by Haitham AL Farsi


“School happiness” by Fadhel Almutaghawi


“The flower” by Nicolino Sapio


“Untitled” by Foad Mirzaie


“The class” by erik susanto


“Education” by Berat Güdül


“Massai people” by Eyal Amer


“Untitled” by Joxe Inazio Kuesta Garmendia

“The road to the future” by Francesco Fratto


“The math class” by Foad Mirzaie


“Untitled” by Joxe Inazio Kuesta Garmendia


“Girl in school” by Haitham AL Farsi


“the classroom” by Robert


“At school” by Marco Tagliarino


“In school” by Saeed Dhahi


“The pencil” by Zoltan Huszti


“The writer” by Nicolino Sapio


“The classroom of the little ones” by Yvette Depaepe


“Hmmmm” by Goran Jovic


“School in Nepal” by Hesham Alhumaid


“The right to education” by Eliza Powell


“The future is bright” by Ahmed Abdulazim


“student” by spencer montero


“Reading” by Haitham AL Farsi


“Leçon d'anatomie” by Florence Menu


Just got back from Madagascar, feel so lucky to see my picture on the front page from this article, many thanks too Susanne and Yvette and congratulations to all the other authors !
You're welcome, Marc! It was a pleasure to select your photo - and the others - for this compilation. There is so much feeling in yours!
Great, great, great!!!
As I answered to Joxe, Susanne left for Romania (1x meet-up). In the meanwhile that she sees this publication, I like to thank you for your appreciation for both of us, dear Carlo! Best regards, Yvette
Thank you very much for adding two of my pictures to this great article, Susanne. I totally agree with what you say in it. It is absolute true. Great selection of pictures. My best compliments. Thank you to Yvette as well.
Thanks for both of us, Susanne and me, dear Joxe! Susanne is currently in Romania (1x meet-up). She probably will see this publication later on ;-) Cheers, Yvette