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30 inspiring 1x dance pictures

By Osher Partovi 

Dance: nonverbal body movement, a game of shape and movement of the body.
Dance was created during the dawn of human existence to fulfill an urge of the human soul to move and express different emotions and often accompanied by music.

Each movement looks different on a particular dancer and each dancer tends to develop a different style which is influenced by the mood and the society in which he dances. The art of dance has gone through many evolutions and many styles over the years. Over time, it succeeded to draw large audiences and to fill auditoriums.

I wondered what actually makes us admire dancing? And these are the answers I found:

- The capacity of the dancer to express remarkable physical abilities that often seem unreasonable to us and sometimes even above the limit of the human body.

-The connection and harmony between music and movement that manages to evoke emotion and pleasure.

-Visual aesthetics, the softness and intensity of  the movement that sometimes seems effortless and perhaps the connection of all the variables together.

Let us admire this compilation of 30 inspiring dance pictures from 1x artists.
I hope they will illustrate the text and demonstrate why this performing art is so appealing, at least in my eyes.


“DancEdge” by Jukka Alasaari


“Ballerina on the street” by YoungGeun Kim


“Dancing with the stars” by Jonas Kekko


"Skater girl” by Howard Ashton-Jones


“Flag” by Simon Carter

“Soft Spin” by Osher Partovi


“Dancing with Light” by Alfredo Sanchez


“Chasing the Hat” by Tuchi Imperial


“The escape” by Tatiana Avdjiev


“Dance” by Mojlo Mojlo


“I dance, I am” by Martin Krystynck


“Dance” by Ran Djur


“Dance Like No One is Watching” by Ario Wibisono


“Ballerina” by Vivian Ainsalu


“Jewelery Box” by Barbara


“The Ansai Waist Drum Dance” by BJ Yang


“Ring” by Lukasz Kozlowski


“Dancer” by Radek Tobolka


“Butterfly” by John Andre Aasen


“see my shadow” by Aman Ali Surachman


“Dance of the Whirling Dervishes” by Erhan Dayi


“Dancing” by Bocah Bocor


“Waves of Balerina” by Antonyus Bunjamin


“You May Take Me To The Ball” by King Douglas


“Kickoff! By King Douglas


“Untitled #2” by Pistol Wish


“mevlanadedison” by emrah ertok


“vals” by Selma Kiliçarslan


"Split Second !" by Ricky Siegers


"My way cross the street" by Ricky Siegers

w0w........ its great work.
watching it is like reading poetry.... wonderful !
Fantastic collection and congratulations to all photographers!
Some cool images there!
Wonderful collection and congratulations to all photographers! Enjoy your weekend :-)))
so beautiful
Wonderful pictures , a compliment to the photographers *
wonderful collection!