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Monthly theme Summer winners

Summer is coming to an end and it's high time to reveal the winners of the Monthly theme contest. Guest judge Adrian Popan has selected the top three winners, while the rest have been chosen through public voting. The top three winners receive the following prizes:

The 1st Prize: 100 System V5Filter Holder + 100 System ND1000 (10 stops) Filter + 100 System Soft GND8 (0.9) + 100 System Square Filter Box + 1 Filter Cleaning Cloth. 

Total Value US$ 539

The 2nd Prize: 100 System V5 Filter Holder + 100 System ND1000 + 100 System Square Filter Box + 1 Filer Cleaning Cloth. 
Total value US$ 369

The 3rd Prize: 100 System ND1000 (10 stops) filter + 100 System Square Filter Box. 
Total value US$ 187

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1st place

"Beach" by Raffaele Vallone.

Judge's comment
I am pretty sure not being the only one whose heart melts down every time when looking at this photograph. It really speaks volumes! It is all about enjoying a summer day at the beach, apparently, but having as the main character an old lady, someone who is rather in the autumn season of her life. That's the age when all the basic things seemingly become a little more difficult, despite all the goodwill and enthusiasm.


 2nd place


By Stefano Mallus.

Judge's comment
A moody picture with a big impact, speaking about human beings and what means being humans on this planet that we've been gifted with. It is all in one frame about love, birth, life and finally death, since the whole visualization of this beautiful metaphor is projected on the canvas of the sun setting at the horizon, as a symbolic suggestion of the eternal cycle. And it all does happen at the end of a summer day...Very well done!

3rd place

By Jacqueline Hammer.

Judge's comment
Beatifully executed, a still nature photograph speaking about how we can carry in our hearts a symbolic summer. I love the colours contrast, bringing to the white-greyish background and setting the intensity of the red colour - so specific for summer flowers and fruits. A tensed, though soothing, relationship between the coldness and artificial feeling of a studio (with its "invisible" lighting) and the freshness of the summer fruits and flowers. Well done!
Top voted

By Marzena Wieczorek.

BFrans van Hoogstraten.

By Leif Løndal.

BSelim Kaya.

By Jose C. Lobato.

By WL Schlueter.

By keren Or.
 By xelmark.
By Petar Boskovski.

By Jiri Stekl.
Congrats to Raffaele and Stefano for their winning images, and to the other beautiful top voted photos in the Summer theme! it was an extra challenge for me as this was during our winter in Australia but I was lucky to find a few summer fruits in the supermarket. In the tropics, seasons are a little different and mixed up! Thanks to Adrian for the judging and I'm very happy to get 3rd place.
My heartfelt congratulations to the thirteen lucky winners: all works are magnificent :)). My best wishes to all! I wish you a Very Happy Weekend :)). Kind regards!
My congratulations to the winners, especially Raffaele Vallone for the first prize. Photographs certainly spectacular. Greetings to all.
I'd like to thank everyone for the votes; And congratulations to the winners ! Hope you had a nice summer. Kind regards.
I'm very glad to see my pic on the podium of this great wonthly contest. Many thanks to Adrian for his words, it's an emotion to read it. Thank you so much for all 1X curators for the opportunity to show our works Congratulation to Raffaele for the win and Jacqueline for her third place! Thank you again.
... I'm as excited as when my first (and last) photo has been submitted is 1x, thanks to everyone and especially to Adrian who managed to read and telling better than I could have done my image. A thought goes to my fellow citizens afflicted by the terrible earthquake .- Thanks again and congratulations to all