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by Susanne Stoop


"Splash Curves" by Jackson Carvalho


It is summertime! The evenings are long and it is pleasantly warm. Perhaps you are on holidays and sitting before your tent or caravan or on the balcony of your hotel or apartment. Perhaps you came home from work and are chilling out somewhere. Where ever you are, it is very possible you are drinking a glass of wine, or beer or water, or tea, and so on.

And I wondered how  many glasses I would find on 1X. Well, I found a lot in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Colourful and sober glass; noisy and dreamy, cheerful and gloomy, wobbly or in some kind of straight jacket. Just look and enjoy. Cheers!


"Symmetries" by Aida Ianeva


“Two glasses” by BrianK



"Lines" by Jacqueline Hammer


"Cups and bubbles" by Fran Osuna


"Cups and Bubbles II" by Fran Osuna


 "Unstable equilibrium" by Aida Ianeva

"Lágimas de oro" by Juan de Villalba


"Caustics" by Redmere Photography


"Soul of wine" by David Caballero


"Glasses" by madras91

 "Blue splash" by Konstantinos Tzilvelis



"low key" #3 by Mario Bužančić


"choice" by Djaya Yudha


"Ice Water" by Don Clark


"Let's share a whiskey" by Giovanni Casini

"Glass" by hejha


"Golden Goblets" by kirk pullen


"Drinking City" by Fulvio Pellegrini


"Achoooo!" by Dave Nitsche



"Fluid" by gerQ

"A glass of red wine" by Anders Ludvigson


"The Enabler" by Timothy Tichy


“Cloud in a glass" by Chechi Peinado


"Etude" by Vladimir Poleschuk


"Love" by Gert Lavsen


"Untitled" by Paul Kruchowski



"A Drop of Shapes and Colours" by Renee Doyle

"Glass dance" by Albert Lukman


"Aqua" by Viacheslav Krass


"Champagne" by Tamas Balogh


Honoured to be in the collection, indeed. The selection is by far very impressive. Cheers. David Caballero
Excellent selection.. ! Love them all .. :)
I totally agree with you, Carla ;-) Susanne did a terrific job!!!
A lot of great images on display here. Great concepts and excellently executed.
Thanks for your feedback and compliment, Graham! (Susanne and Yvette!)
A marvellous selection of impressive creativity .... great to bring them together! Thanks for sharing Susanne and Yvette :-))
Thanks from both of us for your appreciation, Luc!