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Transylvania calling!

by Susanne Stoop 


" Fundatura Ponorului" by Cristian Lee

Did you ever consider visiting Transylvania in autumn and meet 1X photographers as a wonderful bonus? Then here is your chance - your purse permitting of course - since Julien Oncete (member julienconcete) and Marius Cinteza (member mcinteza) are organizing a Transylvania meet-up from September 27 to October 2, 2016. See the 1X-forum for more information.

Julien and Marius will guide you through old cities like Sibiu - in 2008 cultural capital of Europe -, SighiÅŸoara with an attractive old city centre and Brasov which is quite nice. Between brackets: Dracula's castle is in the neighbourhood, but perhaps more interesting are the villages between Brasov and the castle. They will also take you to the highest and the most spectacular mountain road in Romania, called the Transalpina road.

For more information about the sites that will be visited, I have collected some interesting websites

- Ten things you need to know before visiting Transylvania  

- Transylvania Hay  

- A new threat in the mountains of Transylvania  

- Sibiu 

- SighiÅŸoara  

- Brasov 

- Transalpina road 

As to give your eyes a treat, I have selected work of a number of renowned 1X photographers from Romania.


Codrin Lupei




Julien Oncete



" Buila Vanturarita"

Mirela Momanu

"Forest Spirit"


"Jazz Club"

Bogdan Bousca  

" Lontano"



Cristian Lee 

" Fundatura Ponorului"


" Bucegi Mountains"

Andrei Nicolas  

"shepherd of Holbav"


"making Palinca"


" Nicu, the Blacksmith from Transylvania"


"Uncle Dragan"

Sebastian Prioteasa  

"Transalpina #2"


" Winter's Tale"

Vlad Dumitrescu  

"Cosas in Rai"


"primul ingredient: magie"

Marius Cinteză 

" Around the farmhouse"


"For sale"

 Ovidiu Satmari 


"Careless Whispers"

Marchevca Bogdan  

" Morning Fog"



Sveduneac Dorin Lucian 

"Magic morning"


"The Charcoal Maker"

Marius Petric

"fresh haystacks"


"frosty morning"

Sorin Onisor 

"The Charcoal Master"


"The Guardian of Heaven"

Anca Cernoschi 

" russian2"



I wish it were already September 27! Can't wait to meet and greet old and new friends. I know that friends from Belgium, UK, Norway and the Netherlands will travel to Sibiu, so why not join the party? It is so wonderful to meet the people behind the photographs you enjoy. See you in Sibiu!


Big thanks for this to Susanne and thanks to Yvette too, excellent photos and exciting reading, but unfortunately I can not come this time. I wish you all a good meeting and look forward to seeing pictures and reading about the meeting. Best wishes, Jørgen.
Dear Susanne, thank you so much for the article and the sharing of all these great photographs from Romania. Transylvania calling !!! :-)
Splendide immagini. Complimenti.
Hello Everybody, Thanks a lot Yvette for this great article and the honor for me to be a part of the gallery. Thanks to Susanne as well. Next meet-up in Romania should be organised in Bucharest, the city I am living now, even if I was born in Transylvania :) Nevertheless I will be together with my friends Marius and Julien, a host at this meet-up in Transylvania. I know Transylvania very well, especially the surroundings of Sibiu. Welcome to Transylvania, welcome to Romania! There are a lot of landmarks over here and plenty of spirit and tradition. All the best to everybody and looking forward to see you ;) Sebastiaen (Sebastian Vasiu)
Fantastic work. I have enjoyed very much seeing it held up. Regards
Looks beautiful !! :) .. love all the pictures :)
I was born in Brasov, therefore I know quite well the city and its surroundings. Still, I'm very sorry I can't join you in this meet-up, the program is great! I'm sure you will have a great time!
Hello everyone, Many thanks to Susanne Stop and Yvette Depaepe for this wonderful article and full support ... You are welcome in Transylvania!
I will be there and looking forward to meeting old and new friends! Can't wait and have a great rest of the week. See you there :-)