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Monthly theme Cloudy winners

The results from the latest Monthly Theme contest are in. Guest judge Þorsteinn H. Ingibergsson has selected the top three winners which receive the following prices from NiSi.

The 1st Prize: 100 System V5Filter Holder + 100 System ND1000 (10 stops) Filter + 100 System Soft GND8 (0.9) + 100 System Square Filter Box + 1 Filter Cleaning Cloth. 

Total Value US$ 539

The 2nd Prize: 100 System V5 Filter Holder + 100 System ND1000 + 100 System Square Filter Box + 1 Filer Cleaning Cloth. 
Total value US$ 369

The 3rd Prize: 100 System ND1000 (10 stops) filter + 100 System Square Filter Box. 
Total value US$ 187

To read more about NiSi and their products, click here.


1st prize, "I've got the power!" by Adhemar Duro.
2nd prize, "Morning of dreams" by Martin Rak.
3rd prize, "Storm/Tormenta" by Jose C. Lobato.
Top voted
By Chelu.
By Franziskus Pfleghart.
By Aida Ianeva.
By å¤§å·æ­£ä».
By Jacqueline Hammer.
By Krzysztof Browko.
By Trevor Reeves.
By Matt Anderson.
By Chencho Mendoza.
By Hua Zhu.
Congratulations to the winners
Congratulations to the winners. All so incredibly beautiful!!
It's a great honor to win the contest. Many thanks to Mr. Þorsteinn H. Ingibergsson! Congratulations to the winners and the top voted. Thanks for sharing your inspiring visions!
a very pleasant surprise. I am very happy that third place among so many gorgeous photographs. Thank you very much to Borsteinn for choosing among the finalists and congratulate the winner and the second in the post. They are really, landscapes, photographs incredible, as to the ten chosen by vote. Greetings to all Jose C. Lobato.
Congratulations to all the lucky ones.... Enjoy the gift ! :))... All the works are wonderful, a pleasure to the eyes :)). I wish to all of you a Very Happy Summer and Week :)). Kind regards!
Big congrats to the winners and to the top 10 participants!!! Beautiful work...
Nice images here folks. Congratulations to the winners!