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Storytelling street photography by 1x photographers

Text by Yvette Depaepe
Gallery compiled by Marc van Kempen 

Street photography is all about capturing emotion, humanity and soul.  There are lots of stories out there waiting to be told.

Telephoto lens street photography
The most common argument you will hear is that these type of lenses allow you to keep a distance between you and your subject in order to be inconspicuous.  Experienced street photographers will rarely approve the use of telephoto lenses.  If you dare call yourself a street photographer, don't ever let fear stop you from approaching your subject if possible.

Candid street photography
It focuses specifically on getting your camera as close as possible to people without them noticing.  It helps to catch scenes in an uninterrupted fashion.  And if you happen to get caught then so be it, just smile and own up to what you are doing.  You will be surprised how many people are understanding if you are honest with them.

Decisive moments
If you see a good street photography scene take more than one shot. Even Henri Cartier-Bresson took 20+ photos of a single scene if he thought it was interesting enough.  By taking multiples shots, you have a better chance of capturing that perfect facial expression, hand gesture, action or movement that turns the picture into a decisive moment.

Street portraits
When shooting strangers you have a much better chance to end up with a strong and excellent portrait, if you engage in a conversation with the person.  Ask permission to take a portrait so they are more at ease with the process.  If you ask permission and it is granted, take your time.  Show them the pictures on the back of your camera and tell them why they caught your attention.  Everyone enjoys a compliment.

Whatever your technique is, remember Robert Cappa's quote:
“If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough."


by Sorin Vidis


by katarzyna kubiak

by George Hendrix

by Andriy Vintonyak

by Hunter

by Ronen Berka

by Sagi Kortler

by George Doupas



by Jianwei Yang

by Muchtamir

by M.Yulian Amin

by ervin Kobakçi

by Laura Mexia

by Monika Strzelecka

by Monika Strzelecka 

by Claire Sulpice

by Miroslav Misic

by Turtoi Bogdan

by Daniel Antunes

by Prateek Dubey

by Hesham Alhumaid

by Dejan Miloradov

by Zoran Vasic

by Marinka Masséus

by Hiroaki Toyama

by Soyer Bayraktar

by Horst Fischer

by Adrian Donoghue

by Rui Palha

by Francesco Fratto


Wonderful selection and article, thanks for sharing!
Mi è piaciuto molto, complimenti a tutti, grazie.
Complimenti a tutti
Thanks coming from everybody, Marco!
Wonderful curation and a very well written introduction. Congrats Yvette...
Thanks for your appreciation, Prateek. Happy Sunday to you ;-)
Great article, thx for choosing my photo, it's an honor.
Thank you, Laura. Have a great and sunny weekend ;-)
What a fabulous collection, world class
Thanks, dear Adrian ;-)
Wonderful selection. Thanks for choosing my photo.
Our pleasure, Dejan! Cheers, Yvette and Marc...
Complimenti a tutti.
Thanks for your appreciation, Massimo!
AN excellent compilation, Marc! Wonderful introduction text, Yvette!
Thanks, Susanne. Coming from you I highly appreciate ;-) And indeed, great compilation put together by Marc. Have a great weekend!
This series of photographs are very interesting and varied and the topic index, Their choices are quite rightly been done, and they can be touched live stream.BRAVO to all of you photographers and you yvette for choosing them.
Thanks for your appreciation, Mohammad. The images were choosed by Marc van Kempen, the text was written by me! Teamwork ;-)