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26 Magical Soap Bubble images on 1x

by Yvette Depaepe

'Soap Bubbles
These rainbow globes glide gracefully in floating swirls of atmosphere.
Their fragile skin’s a soapy layer imprisoning a clutch of air.
What forces play upon their dance?  
The push and lift of air’s advance.
But when that air is calm and still 
Earth’s gravity shall have its will.
They’ll slowly sink and gently drop
Then kiss the ground.  A soft wet pop!'
~by Celia Berrell~

Watching bubbles float on the wind and burst, is a summertime pleasure children and even adults enjoy.  They are beautiful and fascinating.  They come in all sizes and mind boggling variety of shapes: from tiny spheres to gigantic shapes that seem like science fiction creations.  Each color is the result of varying tickness of the soap bubble film.
They usually last for only a few moments.  Their fragility contributes to their  magical effect.

Summer vacations are knocking on our doors.  A perfect moment to walk together back to our childhood by following the soap bubbles captured by 1x photographers.


by Chongky

by Sebastion Kisworo


by Heidi Westum


by Earl A. Jones



by  Thomas Ljunberg


by Guillaume Vigoureux

by Monika Vanhercke

by Piotr Stryjewski


by Marcus Björkman

by Matej Peljhan

by Christopher Stanczyk



by Cupcake

by Andre Arment

by Meril Mathew

by Mario Grobenski

by Pablo Vidal

by Ben Goossens

by Ben Goossens

by John Wilhelm

by Riccardo Lucidi


by Enjo Mathew

by Shazeen Samad


by Diego Bardone

by Ranko Djurovic


by 7 Flavor C/P

by Yvette Depaepe