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Take a walk on the wild side with 30 exciting 1x shots

by Paulo Abrantes 

There were times that just professional photographers had access to this very strict photography genre.
Nowadays days, wildlife photography became a very serious business and mainly it is just a question of having the budget to travel there and to buy the entire “program” to do it, just because, like everybody knows, the gear also is a non issue if we consider the hundreds of rentals possibilities.

If you are thinking this is “to wild” for you, just think that the “birds” living free in your city main park, or in your village, are not as wild as a lion in the “jungle” but maybe, just maybe, they are more wild than a lion locked in a Zoo and for sure they are wild enough to be a subject of a great “nature” photograph.

By the way…, a beautiful portrait of a lion, taken with a big telelens in a Zoo with the background blurred in order to hide where it was taken could be considered as a “wild life” photograph? I leave the question open.

Meanwhile, here goes a secure and safe “walk on the wild side” and definitely not in a City Zoo”.


"Path II" by Husain Alfraid



"6 Giraffes" by Greg Metro



"The King of Mont Blanc" by Mircea Costina



"Family Parade" by John Fan



"Shade" by Greg Metro



"dry season" by Piet Flour



"Blood" by Marco Pozzi



"Up" by Gary Zeng



"The Magic Formation in Golden Light" by David Hua



"Late Fall Yellowstone" by Alfred Forns



"Oryx in the rain" by Kirill Trubitsyn



"Crossing the Mara" by Morkel Erasmus



"Landing and Resting" by David Hua



"Musk ox in Dovre (Norway)" by Anne Skjevik



"Heaven and Earth" by John Fan



"Salto de Fé" by Abel Maestro Garcia



"Valentine" by John Fan



"Life Goes on" by Nicolás Merino



"Together at the bar" by Hans-Wolgang Hawerkamp



"Swan ® Kussharo Lake" by C.S. Tjandra


"Sunrise with hartebeest" by Piet Flour



"Kudu Jump" by Thomas Andersson



"Botswana Sunset" by Marsel van Oosten



"Amani in the rain" by Mohammed Alnaser



"Sandstorm" by Eugene Kitsios



"Family" by Mohammed Alnaser



"Great Gray Landing" by Greg Forcey



"Fields of Flowers" by Nick Kalathas



"Legion of Wings" by John Fan



"Splash Landing" by Christopher Schlaf



"Waiting for the Night" by Nick Kalathas



"Landing" by Gary Zeng



"Sisters" by Alessandro Catta



"Take-off" by Roberto Marchegiani



"A Mara Drama" by Norbert Becke



"Untitled" by Faisal Hajwal



"Comrades in color" by Ahmed Thabet



"Crossing Talek river" by Paolo  Maffioletti



"tail up, Masai Mara" by Pekka Järventaus
Thank you very much Yvette and Paulo. I am very happy to get 'Lucky two shots'.
it feels great to see your photo as the opener of a great article on 1x among many great wildlife photographers. It means a lot. a professional photographer always works in regards of respect to photography ethics in all genre. Photographing a lion behind the bars and saying it's out in the wild is just a lie one has to live with hoping no one will find out about it. Ethics Ethics Ethics
many thanks, Husain. yes, that was one of the "main points" of the narrative but the world is a big, yet more and more smaller, place; where many approaches and opinions can fit. best regards and wish you good light.
I feel much honoured to have a picture selected in this article and collection of greatest wildlife pics. A big thank to Paulo and Yvette. Kind regards Wolfgang
Double thanks, Hans-Wolfgang!
many thanks, Hans-Wolfgang and Yvette
Thank you very much Yvette and Paulo for selecting two of my photographs for this article, deeply appreciated.
A pleasure for both of us and for all the readers, Gary ;-)
many thanks, Gary Zeng and Yvette :)
Thank you so much Yvette for having selected one of my pictures for this article. I am very proud! :-) ciao marco
All thanks go to Paulo Abrantes who made this wonderful selection, dear Marco. I just put it in shape to publish it ;-)
many thanks, Marco and Yvette
Excellent selection of very talented photographers!
Big thanks from Paolo and myself, Ralf...
In this case, thank you very much Paolo too :-) regards marco
thanks you so much, Ralf, Yvette and Marco :)