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Mehdi Mokhtari: Photographer of the week

Mehdi Mokhtari is an achieved portrait photographer from Iran. Let us have a glimpse on his beautiful and soulful work this week. Thanks to Yvette Depaepe for conducting the interview.


I was born in an artistic family. My father played setar and was a singing master and his music caressed my soul. We even fell asleep at nights while listening to my father playing the setar. My mother and sister also filled the home with positive energy by making handicrafts, painting and always being in a good mood. These factors had a good impression on my soul such that I could leisurely practice the art of photography, which I loved.

My first interest in professional photography dates back to my journey abroad where I met several Japanese photographers at a zoo. They were great guides. Visiting the website of 1X influenced my photography the most. I chose portrait photography because I can establish a good mental connection with the spirit of the model I take a photo of, and the positive energy is released in the space, which has a great impact on my body and soul. This good spiritual connection with lots of energy highly affects the quality of photos and I can express my inner feelings through portrait photography.

Before starting the photo shoot I take a few pictures of the model, show them to her on the screen of the camera and talk to her about what she likes and does not like. She will start to feel at ease and then I can connect and discover her personality, feelings and emotions. Only after this initial ritual the photos will be good.

I think the art of portrait photography is composed of technique and the connection one has with his model. Techniques are acquired through education, research and regular practice. However, the connection one feels with the model refers to the photographer’s mental qualities and inner and spiritual feelings which can be only achieved by gaining experience and cannot be defined but its effects are peace, inner joy, inner energy, and an increase in creativity.



I do not try to make an artificial physical space, but try to keep the surroundings as simple and natural as possible so that the model can be more relaxed and I can take a more attractive and natural photo. I use canon 5D Mark II, lens 100L camera.

The approval of my photos by the 1x curators makes me feel that I'm moving in the right direction, which helps me take further steps towards perfection. My advice to beginners is not to imitate anyone but follow their own style and pay more attention to the quality so that they can be much more successful.

My favorite photographers are Don McCullin and James Nachtwey. Considering the existing limitation in the art of photography in Iran, I feel I cannot use all my abilities and potential in order to achieve my wishes and aspirations and to let all my talents blossom.

The publication of my photos on 1x, despite all these limitations, motivates me to continue photographing more seriously. I hope I will be able to fulfill my wishes by the inspiration and guidance provided by 1x. 









تبریک بسیار فراوان با آرزوی تندرستی و موفقیت‌های بیشتر
Great interview! Congrats!! I love your work and I'm so happy to read more about you!!
Great images Mehdi. The way you light your subjects is beautiful.
beautiful portraits! Congratulations Mehdi!
Big Art !
Nice interview with beautiful images, keep up the good work, Mehdi Mokhtari...... Congrats!!
سلام.. عکاسی پزتره آسان نیست و شما خوب از عهده اش بر آمدید
Good luck dear mehdi
Much interesting interview and all of your Pictures have highest Standard. Congratulations Mehdi!
Thank you so much ♥♥
I do adore your portraits very much Mehdi, keep up the good work !
Thank you so much dear marc ♥♥♥
Mercy mohammad jan♥
خیلی هم عالی... باعث افتخاريد
Mamnon sahar khanom ★★★
Congratulations my friend .You deserve it !
Mamnon hamid jooon ♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡
congratulations!! you are extraordinary photographer :-)
Mamnon behnam jan ♥♥
Great interview! Love your photo's a lot!! Your an amazing photographer! Thanks for sharing!
Thank you so much♥♥
واقعا باعث افتخاری ، موفق و پیروز باشی همیشه . کارت واقعا عالیه باریکلا
Mamnon saeid jan ♥♥
Thank you so much♥♥
Congratulations Mehdi <3
Mamnon amirhossein jan ♥♥
بهت افتخار می کنم
Mamnon moein jan ♥♥
Mamnon rasoul jan ♥♥
If Oscars were given for a job well done, I'd nominate you! Congratulations for your fantastic achievement!
Mamnon mahmood jan♥♥
Congratulations..... Beautiful portraits with excellent performances
Mamnon javad jan♥♥
Congratulations Mehdi. I'm touched with your view on photography and how you work with your models. Your portrets are great! warm regards, Greetje
Thank you so much♥♥
تبریک بسیار فراوان با آرزوی تندرستی و موفقیت‌های بیشتر
Mamnon hossein jan♥♥
Congratulations with being the photographer of the week and well deserved. You are a wonderful photographer dear Mehdi and good to read more about you my friend. Warm regards, Edith :-)
Thank you so much dear edith♥♥♥
A photographer that create and play with soul,Congrats!
Sepas mohammad jan♥♥
Congratulations Mehdi, your works are sensational. Tabrik-eh faravan.
Mamnon hessam jan ♥♥
Congrats to this very sensitive interview. I can not wait to see more of your amazing portraits. My deepest respect for your work- Khoda hafez
Congratulations Mehdi, thanks for the interview and the great portraits - very well done! Best regards, Jørgen.
Thank you so much♥♥
Great photographer portrait of my very good friend Mehdi Mokhtari greeting
Mamnon mostafa jan♥♥
Well done my dear friend congratulations. Beautiful portraits with excellent performances
Mamnon amir jan♥♥
Portrait photographers Mehdi Mokhtari can be named his mastery in the use of female models that are as elaborate makeup And with various coatings to give the image a certain luster. Good for you Mr. Mahdi for creating immortal images and you Thomas for their selection and preparation of reports and discussions with the artist!
Sepas mohammad jan ♥♥
Tabrik migam agha mahdi b omid movafaghiyat hay badi shoma
Mamnon hossein jan♥♥
Congratulations Mehdi, thank you for this fine interview but above all for your marvellous portraits. A greeting from Belgium :-))
Thank you so much♥♥
The biggest congratulations to you dear Mehdi :)
Mamnon daryoush jan♥♥
Mehdi is a photographer I like very much, the portraits that realize are wonderful. Bravo for this interview and congratulations to highlight this talented photographer !!!
Thank you so much♥♥
Hi Mehdi :, Somehow already knew their photos speak for you, but I liked know him a little better through the interesting interview. Receive my congratulations and deep admiration.
Thank you so much♥♥