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1x Meet-up in Dordrecht, The Netherlands

The 2016 Dordrecht meet-up was quite a happening. All 18 1X-ers (from Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Nepal (!), Portugal, Rumania and Germany and three ladies who came along with their husband) who experienced it were unanimous: it was wonderful to meet, greet and get to know the human being behind the photographs. Conversation and laughter were the order of the day and it's amazing that anybody had time to take photos during the photo walk through Dordrecht’s historic centre.


Back row, left to right:
Andre Struik, Yvette Depaepe, Tom Baetsen, Mette Caroline Stroksnes, Susanne Stoop, Max Witjes, Nico Ouburg, Jorgen Feldstedt, Jaap Koer

Front row, left to right: Ajay Pant, Greetje van Son, Leonie Kuiper, Edith Hoffman, Linda Wride, Martin Ray, Marc Apers, Luis Bonito, Julien Oncete

It all started on April 29, when eight early birds gathered for drinks at Edith Hoffman's place in the middle of the historical centre of Dordrecht. We had dinner in a restaurant overlooking the river that surrounds the town. We also went to the opening of a photo exhibition of fellow 1X'er Frank Peters and afterwards trooped back to Edith's place to enjoy more of her hospitality, a last drink and more talking. All in all a wonderful overture for the next day's big gathering

April 30, 2016 was a wonderful day. Old friendships were renewed and new friendships were made. From the very first the atmosphere of the meet-up was animated. Lots of talking, laughter and fun with almost no time left to start the photo walk. Edith Hoffman and Susanne Stoop who organised the meet-up, (a great job!) had made an attractive route with the tower of the main church as a highlight for those who had the courage to climb the 275 steps to get to the top. Of course there were stops for lunch, tea and not to forget dinner (more talking and laughing).

On Sunday, May 1 a much smaller group went to visit the windmills of Kinderdijk. While walking, shooting and having lunch, a great time was had by all.

Hopes were expressed by all participants to gather at the next meet-up.

Enjoy this compilation of images depicting the mood of the event.


by Tom Baetsen


by Julien Oncete


by Leonie Kuiper


by Jaap Koer



by Luis Bonito



by Max Witjes




by Marc Apers


by Ajay Pant


by Linda Wride


by Greetje van Son


by Mette Caroline Stroksnes


by Susanne Stoop


by Jorgen Feldstedt


See you at the next meet-up!


It was so good to be in the meet-up at Dordrecht. A memorable day with many of you and meeting Yvette, Susanne again was great! I am still traveling (right now in Switzerland) and will be back home, Kathmandu next week. I will catch up then with more photos... Thank you Edith and Susanne for the meet-up and Yvette for bringing up our old memories of Nepal together...
My pleasure, dear Ajay!!! We all were delighted with your presence. And look how well the image of you fits in the context of the meeting ;-) Bye, see you on the next meet-up!!! That's what we all wish with even more 1x friends!!!
Yes, it was great to meet you too Ajay and we have a very similar way of thinking. I am thinking about coming to Nepal in the nearby future. If I do I will let you know, so we can organize something. Have a great weekend ahead and take care :-)
I can not help but feel a bit envy. Good reportage and meeting. Greetings to you all.
;-) Thanks Joxe ... I wish you could come to one of our 1x meetings in the future!
It's a pity you couldn't make it dear Joxe and hopefully next time we will meet at another meet-up my friend. Have a great weekend ahead and take care! :-)
Great event and very well organized, thanks to Edith and Susanne. The town was a wonderful place to visit, and perfect to meet all, some old friends, others “virtual” friends of 1x . Perfect reportage of Yvette, it expresses so well the mood and what happened there. Thanks all for the great time :-)
Thank you so much, Luis!!! Come back here later in the afternoon. An image of yours is still missing ;-)
Thanks a lot, dear Yvette :-)
Thank you too Luis and it was great meeting you and your wife. You are more than welcome to visit us again in Dordrecht sometime soon! Have a great weekend ahead and take care my friend :-)
The Dordrecht meet up was a wonderful happening. The report, the photos and the testimonials are a real echo of it. Thank you all for coming and giving each other a great time. Hope to meet you at another meet up.
Special thanks to the wonderful host ladies, Susanne and Edith who organized this unforgettable meeting so well. Up to the next one!!!
Yes, it was a great meet-up and you are all more than welcome. Up to the next meeting and I hope to see you all again in the nearby future :-)
It was a fantastic meet up. Susanne and Edith organised this well and were perfect hosts. Thanks a lot for this ! Wonderful report Yvette, thanks all hope to meet you again........
Thanks for your fine comment, Max!!! Great to know you better ;-)
Yes, it was Max and you are welcome. Hope to see you again next time and take care :-)
It was a great day (including being lost for over an hour :-) ) getting to know you all and sharing our passion for photography. First time for me and hopefully not the last time.
Hope to see you again on the next one, Nico!!!
Yes, it was Nico and I am really sorry about that. Hope to see you again and take care :-)
Nice meeting you all great folks ! I think you can even overcome roundabout problems that is how great you are :-)))
;-))) Laughter again, Mette! So nice to have met you... A memorable meet-up, indeed. Cheers, Yvette
Yes, indeed Mette likewise from my side and looking forward meeting you in the nearby future my friend! :-) xx
Fantastic weekend, just one little remark, next time we make it less serious (ROTFL), thanks to everyone who joined the group and especially to Edith and Susanne for the organization and Yvette for this nice article. P.S. Edith, i am still looking for the end of the roundabout ... keep on turning ...
Thanks for your funny comment, Marc!!! The only way to make it less serious next time, would be without you. What an entertainer you are! Everybody will approve my humble opinion. But what a misery to drive on roundabouts without laughing since that happy dinner ;-) Cheers, Yvette
I agree with Yvette about you hahahahahaha....... You are welcome Marc and at least you enjoyed your coffee hahahahahaha....... Keep on looking for the end, you might find it hahahahahaha...... Enjoy your weekend and take care :-) xx
It was really nice to meet you all, thank you Edith and Susanne for hosting this meet-up and thank you Yvette for this article!
So nice to read all this most positive comments... Thanks Leonie, so great to meet you!
You are welcome Leonie and it was also great to meet you. When you are in Dordrecht again, please let me know! Enjoy your weekend and take care :-)
It was a memorable meeting with beautiful people and so friendly ... I hope we meet again in Romania in noiembrie this year.Many thanks to Edith Hoffman-a remarkable and so charming friend and to Susanne Stoop-a really pleasant person, without this meeting would not be held. Many thanks to all of you for the beautiful atmosphere. Thanks also to Yvette for writing this article! See you soon, dear friends!...
Thank you so much dear Julien and you are most welcome to stay again my friend. I am looking forward to the meet-up in Romania in november :-)
I was soo looking to meet you, Julien! We all enjoyed your presence. Glad you felt "home" in the group. But I only can say that you were "in good hands" especially those from Edith and Susanne. See you in Romania, I hope ... Planning already ;-)
It was a wonderful meeting and hope to see you all back again in the nearby future! Have a great weekend and take care! :-)
Thanks once more for your warm hospitality and the fine organization together with Susanne. A meeting to never forget !!!
Thank you so much dear Yvette and see you some time soon! :-) XX
Such a lovely meeting! Very nice to see everyone there ! My compliments to all! And the pics are awesome !! :)
Thank you Carla! It was great indeed. So nice to meet the people we only know by their work on 1x. Thanks too for your compliment on the pics ;-)
Bet was very lovely! :))
A pity you were not at the meet-up dear Carla and hopefully next time we'll meet! :-)
Next one in NY :). Would be a pleasure :)
I think the next one will be in Romania, but after that NY would be great my dear friend :-) xx
It's so intense and interesting that you will be together again one day all sit together, and took souvenir photos together. I would be happy to meet again next year in another part of the site Coquette Europe.Thanks to all of you and always keep travel!
Thanks for your fine reaction, Mohammad!
Wonderful to see all the participants on the picture, I agree with Greetje it is good to look back on a very succesful meeting! Big thanks again to Susanne and Edith. Thanks also to Yvette for writing this article!
So fun that everybody can see how great the meet-up was, Jorgen! Fine to have met you to, my friend ;-)
You are welcome Jorgen and would love to see you again in the nearby future! :-) xx
Thanks again to Susanne and Edith for making it happen, to Yvette for the write up and to all my friends (old and new) who made it such a wonderful experience. See you at the next meet up, I hope! Linda
Thanks Linda! Signatures and group portrait are gone (Phyl) ;-)
You are welcome Linda and would love to see you again in the nearby future! :-) xx
It's good to look back on a very successful meeting. Also nice to see a picture of each participant. So you can see each has a different view on Dordrecht / Kinderdijk. Thanks again to Susanne and Edith!
Glad with the request for one picture taken by the participants. Fine memories ;-) It was great to finally meet you, Greetje!
You are welcome Greetje and would love to see you again in the nearby future! :-) xx
Very nice idea!
1x meet-ups always are so great, Claudio! Thanks for the comment...
Thanks, Massimo! It was great ;-)