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30 amazing "Dives" into the water with 1x artists

by Paulo Abrantes 

First though: Is it necessary to know how to swim? 
Second Though: No, it isn´t !

Underwater photography is a genre that many people look at with some reserve. And there are some good reasons for that.

This narrative started with an answer. Why?

Just because underwater photography happens on a 30 meters or more deep dive but it also happens on a 3 meters dive or at a depth of just 30 cm, not just happening in the Oceans on deep dives or coral reef shallow dives .

Underwater photography can happen everywhere you can dive with a camera: think in a swimming pool and think in a home aquarium.
Did you ever think that with a small water resistant compact camera or bridge camera you can achieve amazingly beautiful pictures under water in the swimming pool?
A world of opportunities to make great shots and with people swimming inside, the odds of a great shot are just awesome.  You can do all of this with the water right at your knees level.

So, maybe it´s time to “open” for our inspiration some really amazing and beautiful stuff here: go for “30 dives” in a row:


"Menjangan walls" by Dmitriy Yevtushyk  


“Peek-a-Boo” by Rifky Setya



“The Deep Breath” by Matthias Arnold



A little cute fish” by Inna Blar



White and Blue” by Paul Cangemi



"Swim” by Davide Lopresti



“Bubbles” by Soo Sing Goh



“Visit to Aliens” by Dmitriy Yevtushyk



“Clown fish in blue anémon” by Barathieu Gabriel



“in his element” by Petra Dvorak



"Humpback Whale Calf" by Cédric Péneau



 “The Sheperd” by Dmitry Marchenko



“Eye to Eye” by Ken Kiefer



"Natural Aquarium" by Marcel Rébro



 “Fish Soup” by Ebi Johannes



“Whale Whisperers” by Anuar Patjane



"Untitled" by DanielSavel 



“Underwater swimming” by Martin Krystynek



“Space Tikehau” by Paul Cangemi



"Rangiroa Fines" by Paul Cangemi 



"Protection" by Paul Cangemi


“Dark Tiger” by Ken Kiefer



“Reefs from the Sun” by Ken Kiefer



“Alice” by Anuar Patjane



“Peace & Tranquility” by Paul Cangemi



"Animals in cage" by Davide Lopresti


“Ghost Wreck” by Barathieu Gabriel



"Caring" by Matti Ovaski



“untitled” by Daniel Savel



“The Dakota” by Rico Besserdick
Some truly excellent images in this collection. The ocean is a like a whole new world just on its own complete with its own unique landscapes, flora and fauna. Splendid article and images.
Great compilation of "dives" Paolo !!! Fine variety of styles and all masterful shots. Thanks for your work, my friend !
Explore the underwater world for humans and search was wonderful world. All we know fish by the gills of land animals have different life and that attracts tourists is swimming in open waters As there are risks that the picture is clear: attack carnivorous animals such as sharks swimming totally is enjoyable sport and at the end I have to say that dealing with it is very refreshing,thank you for sharing so deep in these explorations with us and BRAVO!
many thanks, Mohammad