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30 windows at their best by 1x artists

by Susanne Stoop 


They protect against cold and heat - provided that you have closed the curtains or shutters. They keep the rain out, let the light and the sun in.

They give you an outlook into your surroundings, feed your curiosity - from the inside into the outside or from the outside into the inside.

They are transparent, they are blind. They mirror reflections, give us a glimpse of the inhabitants of a home and tell us stories about cosiness, happiness, creativity, melancholy, exuberance, solitude, loneliness and so on.

Moreover, windows can embellish a church, a facade an apartment building, a house. They can be secretive when dirt, curtains or reflections are blocking its functional transparency. At that moment they are most intriguing and trigger ones imagination.

They are with so many and each window looks different.

So I invite to have a look at thirty aspects of windows.


"What's up in the sky" by Ayatullah R. Hiba



"Going home" by Peter Davidson



"Transient" by Lara Kantardjian



"Window light" by Tony D



"The bench" by Marc Apers



"A crystal view" by Yvette Depaepe 



"Untitled" by Massimo Della Latte



"Rearranging the Window Pixels" by Abilio Silveira 



"Untitled" by Ümmü Nisan Kandilcioglu 



"A smile to the unknown photographer..." by Antonio Grambone



"On the other side ... dreams" by Sol Marrades 



"Linda" by Angela Bacon-Kidwell


"The last roses" by Susanne Stoop



"House of Mysteries" by Lisa Holloway 



"The window" by Mirjam Delrue



"UnderWare Barcode II" by Carlos Costa 



"Living in Boxes" by Kent Mathiesen



"Windows illusion" by Jacqueline Hammer



"nos vocavit deus in lumen mirabile" by Raul Pires Coelho 



"Sky frames" by Linda Wride 



"Panes of History" by Kent Olsson 



"Water mirror IX" by Gilbert Claes



"Three Colors and a Window" by Jef Vanden Houte 



"House of Cubes" by Jeroen van de Wiel 



"Greenpoint Lighthouse" by Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp



"Composition in white, black and blue" by Michiel Hageman 



"Feeling blue" by Matej Peljhan



"Matrix" by Tomás San Andrés



"7stars" by Timeless Gravity



"Windows" by George Doupas
These are so beautiful, I am honored that you included one of mine - thank you! <3
Yvette and Susanne: thank you for the wonderful selection of window pictures. I was very pleased to see my picture published among all the beautiful photographs you chose. In 2013, I entered the Metro Photo Challenge with this same picture, didn't win any prize, but my picture was published in the official contest magazine that year: Check page 40, if you want. I was also very happy then, just like I am now!
Great selection of images and article Susanne and Yvette, thanks for sharing!
Susanne and Yvette - many thanks for including my image in your window selection! I'm delighted and honoured to find myself in such good company :)
Many thanks from both of us, Linda !!! Susanne made a fantastic compilation here and your photo was a great choice of her ;-)
Hey Yvette!!! One the old ones from my previous photographic life... honored to be among such fine talents!!! thanks...
Funny you ;-))) Well, Susanne found this oldy from your previous photographic life ... It fits well among the other great window shots, Raul !!! Cheers, Yvette
Thank you very much; Susanne, Yvette... for including my work in this wonderful selection!:-) All the best
Thanks for your appreciation, Sol !!! Susanne will be pleased to hear it ;-)
Grazie Susan. Onorato.
Thank you for the choice. Carlos Costa
I feel much honoured to have a Picture of mine featured in this remarkable Serie. Many thanks to Susanne for the selection and congratulations to all the other authors with selected pics. Kind regards Wolfgang
I am proud to see one of my images in this very nice serie. Thank you very much Susanne for this interesting compilation... Greetings. gil
Grazie Yvette, onorato.
Susan pardon.
Excellent and very interesting compilation of window by 1x artists, Susanne. Wonderful choice! Congratulations to you and to all the authors!!! Cheers, Yvette